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Monday 29 June 2009

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Jayasurya, Mukesh, Radha Varma

What if someone told a story and in the end, you couldn't make the head or tail of it? Director Viswanathan's Dr.Patient is such an experience.

It's based on certain happenings inside a mental hospital that is being told at a sluggish pace and suffering heavily due to a messy script and amateurish direction.

The story begins when Dr.Reuben Isaac (Jayasurya) takes charge of Brylin Mental Hospital. The hospital MD Rakhi Devadas (Radha Varma) is a strict disciplinarian and she hates Reuben for his friendly approach to the patients, or ?clients?, as he calls them.

Now, we are not quite sure why she wanted to get him out, especially since he seems to be the only doctor around in the whole hospital!

The scenes inside the hospital are thoroughly clich?d ones that we have come across in numerous films over the years. Like, the kind of inmates that ranges from a poet to a software engineer, the cruel guards, the stupid attender and so on.

The new doctor reschedules their routines, takes them out for a trip, sing songs and even arrange painting sessions. After a while, Rakhi is impressed by the new doc's style.

So, everything is fine, did you think? No way, the plot gets murkier with the arrival of the original Dr.Reuben Isaac, played by Mukesh! You learn that Jayasurya happens to be his patient named Bobby.

You still want to see the rest of this silly drama? Watch it at your own risk, please!

It is quite evident that no one related to this film had any idea about what was going on, while making it. Jayasurya is fine, Mukesh has nothing much to do but it is Radha Varma, the heroine, is wooden and is the weakest link in the acting department.

The comedians Suraj Venjarammood, Bijukkuttan, Anoop Chandran, Mala Aravindan and even Jagathy Sreekumar make you cringe in desperation rather than laugh. M. J. Radhakrishnan's camera does a nice job, but Bennet-Veetrag's music is just average.

Even when the end titles roll, you may still have no idea about what the director was trying to say, in Dr.Patient? Just don't bother, it's a farcical exercise, as you will soon realize. Better, go for a walk and forget this horrible experience as a bad dream!

Verdict: Avoid

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