Dubai Babu

Dubai Babu



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 25 May 2009

Movie Title

Dubai Babu



Star Cast

Upendra, Nikitha, Rajesh, Sangeetha, MN Lakshmi Devi, Kumar Govind

This is another run of the mill film from Upendra, aimed at his fans. The film does not offer anything new as he fashion parades in songs in beautiful locations which only add glamour to the film. This is the third combination of Upendra, director Naganna and producer Shailendra Babu which deserved to be better in many angles. A remake of that Telugu hit, ?Dubai Babu? is suspense oriented in the second half.

Eager to go to Dubai and earn good money, Babu (Upendra) with his four friends lands in Mumbai and they are cheated. They are forced to stay in Mumbai for quite sometime because it is prestige issue. Through a finance broker they run a Pav Baji chat stall. It is in Mumbai Vasundhara comes looking for her brother Sathya.

Babu traces Vasundhara on the streets of Mumbai and he is bowled over her beauty. The scene is shifted to Bangalore where Babu claims that he had gone to Mumbai. His friend knows that he is lying and thus the flashback opens. In Mumbai Babu traces his friend Sathya who is the brother of Vasundhara. Sathya and his wife for tracing the underworld don Jinnah who is in disguise are killed by Jinnah Bhai.

Babu had seen from his own eyes his friend Sathya and wife brutally killed. Now the target is very clear. Babu wants to take revenge and that too when Jinnah Bhai has arrived in Bangalore. Another flash back opens when Vasundhara question Babu. Babu puts before the hidden secrets of killing of Vasundhara brother in Mumbai and he explains his mission.

How Babu enters the secretly guarded place of Jinnah Bhai and finish off everyone is the climax of the cinema.

Upendra in various get up?s is good and he has struggled hard no doubt. In songs he is a real kick for his fans. The climax of this film is very lengthy. Nikitha looks very sweet on the screen and she is a very capable actress. Aryan Vaidya is the real tough guy draws attention. Veterans Dwarakish, Satyajith, Ramesh Pandit, Sunder Raj have given good support. Sadhu Kokila with his speedy dialogues does not hold interest.

V Sridhar has three mass numbers for this mass entertainer of Upendra. All the three songs are shot well and edited well. Cinematographer Anil Jhaveri has done a nice job.

Nothing worthwhile yet a film for the masses!

Verdict ? Average

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