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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 25 April 2003

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Silambarasan, Aashish Vidyarthi, Rakshita

By Moviebuzz

Please be warned that Dum is not for the critics or the classes as it is strictly aimed at the crass mass audience. It is a veritable toss salad mix, which worked wonders in Kannada (Appu) and Telugu (Idiot). The film is aimed to showcase Silambarasan?s ?Little Superstar? image and the director Venkatesh has succeeded to a large extent.

Satya (Simbu) is a typical chain-smoking college going campus bully who goes to college only to have a good time. He has the right attitude and is the son of a police head constable. One day he gets beaten up by his rival gang in college, but is saved in time by a beautiful girl Suchitra (Rakshita). She pays the hospital bill and even donates her blood to Satya but when he becomes conscious she had left the hospital. He realizes that she is the daughter of the Police commissioner (Aashish Vidyarthi) and he falls in love with her for her kind-hearted nature. The fun starts now as Satya gives sleepless nights to Suchitra?s father, who inturn tries to frame him up in some case. How the young lovers brave the entire police force and get united forms the rest of this interesting story.

The ?I don?t care a damn? attitude of the hero may work to the advantage of the film, and the madcap antics of Simbu is endearing, never mind his tendency to grimace excessively at times. Dum shows the police in poor light by making them look like a set of nincompoops. Aashish Vidyarthi hams as usual in the police commissioner?s role. Rakshita is successful for the third time as she was the heroine in Kannada and Telugu. She has debuted in Tamil and has the necessary oomph and glamour to go places. Deva?s tunes are rehashes of various English albums though the soft ?Chanakya?Chanakya?? is well picturised. On the whole Dum is sure to entertain the masses, who do not think too hard.

Verdict: Mass Masala Mix.

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