Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 08 December 2013

Movie Title



Gadda Vijay

Star Cast

Yogaraj Bhat, Petrol Prasanna, Sonu Gowda, Shwetha Pandit

This movie has definitely opened up a career option to Yogaraj Bhat and we need not be surprised if Yogaraj will be seen onscreen in the near future. If not in a full length role, at least in a guest appearance. The debutante director has made a wise choice of selecting the perfect subject and perfect star cast to suit the characters for his debut movie. The movie has certainly made Gadda Viji join the list of promising directors of the year.

The film which is set up in a backdrop of a prison, talks about the mass elements of the society like politics, police, naive people of the society and hunger. The entire plot revolves around the life of five main characters - a tribal man, a thief, an upcoming politician, a rural guy and an old man, who is allegedly in prison for 30 years.

Bhimsen (Yogaraj Bhat) the jailor has his own ways of dealing with these prisoners and he is kind enough with them. A journalist (Sonu Gowda) arrives to the Pritampura jail for filming a documentary and witnesses the pathetic condition the prison is in. Parallelly a jail break is being planned. The story is spun amidst these happenings and catches your attention for two and a half hours though the second half of the movie feels stretched out.

Yogaraj Bhat is commendable in his acting skills too and his narration is what keeps the viewers glued to their seats. Sonu Gowda impresses the audience with her journo attitude and is praise worthy in her role. Sonu has chosen a perfect role for her comeback. Neenasam Sathish gains good appreciation as a tribal person.

Chetan Gandarva, Rajesh Nataranga, Petrol Prasanna, Mico Nagaraj and everyone else enhance the screenplay and the music provided by Veer Samarth compliments and completes the story aptly. Gadda Viji is here to stay for some time and one can expect some good movies from him.

Verdict: worth your money

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