E review- A watchable mystery thriller

E review- A watchable mystery thriller

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 20 August 2017

Movie Title

E review- A watchable mystery thriller


Kukku Surendran

Star Cast

Gautami, Nitya Naresh

Director Kukku Surendran’s E is a mystery thriller, with some dose of horror.

A gang of youngsters, who are dreaming to make it big in films, decides to do a documentary on an Alzheimer’s patient. The director of the documentary, Karthik (Aashiq Amir) chooses Malathi teacher (Gautami) from the list of patients given by the hospital authorities and goes to her house for the shooting.

He studied in the same school where Malathi was teaching earlier and her daughter Aathira (Nitya Naresh) was studying.

Malathi and Aathira are staying in their ancestral home, where as you would have expected by now, some mysteries are hiding. The film crew stays at the homestay there and soon some strange things begins to appear, one after the other.

The youngsters try to unveil the mysteries behind the scary series of events with Malathi teacher behaving in a weird manner, at times. They realize that it’s not just her illness but there are some secrets from the past that haunts her. They try to connect the missing links and is all set to bring out some hidden truths.

The script has definitely been inspired by certain Western mystery thrillers from the past but has been packaged by the director in a competent way. There are enough opportunities to add some scares but there are not many terrifying moments on the whole.

The visuals by Manoj Pillai are delicious and music is good, though at times some songs do come in the way of the narration, as a bump.

Gautami performs quite impressively as Malathi teacher. It’s an honest performance from the actor, who will scare you at times as the story gets in to the horror mood. The young actors perform with confidence.

E follows a predictable path in general. The film has its moments and could be engaging, if your expectations are not sky high.

E review- Verdict: Watchable

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