Ee Ma Yau review: A gripping movie, go for it!

A gripping movie that could rank among the finest films in Malayalam during recent times

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 07 May 2018

Movie Title

Ee Ma Yau review: A gripping movie, go for it!


Lijo Jose Pellissery

Star Cast

Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Dileesh Pothen

As the end titles stop rolling and you get out of the cinemas, you start realizing the impact that filmmaker Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Ee Ma Yau has made on you. It’s like you have been part of an affecting incident and you were witnessing all that followed from close quarters.

Not many films in Malayalam would make such an impact on you

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Vavachan is coming back home, which is a modest one in a coastal area, after a while. On the way, he has a minor scuffle with one of his friends. His wife Pennamma (Pouly Valsan) and their son Eeshi (Chemban Vinod Jose) are happy to have him back.

Eeshi shares some drinks with his dad, as the women folk are busy making dinner. But sometime in between, Vavachan falls down on the floor and dies.

It’s the events that follow which takes the story ahead from then on and those scenes, the characters and the situations that they come across are strikingly real. The grief, the anxiety and the confusions that Eeshi faces become your own.

The Panchayat member Ayyappan (Vinayakan), who comes there hearing about the news of Vavachan’s death, takes the responsibility to do all that is required for the funeral. But the vicar, Fr. Zacharias (Dileesh Pothen) has some doubts about what had actually happened that lead to the old man’s demise.

With a stellar script by P F Mathews, Lijo packages the film with the skill of a spectacular craftsman. The story does not delve deep into the minds of the characters beyond a point though. Shyju Khalid’s brilliant visuals too add to the effect in a big way.

Among the highlights of the film are the performances of the various actors. Chemban Vinod Jose presents Eeshi in a matured manner. Vinayakan proves once again what an amazing actor he is. Dileesh Pothen has a brief but convincing role. Pauly Valsan conveys the emotions mostly with her superb dialogue delivery.

Ee Ma Yau is a gripping movie that could rank among the finest films in Malayalam during recent times. Go for it!

Ee Ma Yau review: Verdict: Good

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Anup @ThePuccaCritic

Lijo Joseph Pellisery's new film is releasing this week. MAMI should have done a screening of that. Best Indian film you'll see this year. Atmospheric, haunting dark comedy. Better than even Angamaly... #EeMaYau

KeralaBoxoffice @KeralaBO1
#EeMaYau getting rave reviews. Another Lijo Pellisery gem after #AngamaliDiaries. Also takes better opening among today releases. @alluarjun 's #EntePeruSuryaEnteVeeduIndia getting decent reports but opening is below par..May pick up for evening shows

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1
#EeMaYau Chemban and Vinayakan comes up with yet another brilliant performances.Kainagiri Thangaraj is another superb addition while Dileesh, Pauly kannamaly etc are fine.There is a lot of character artists and they all contributes

Anoop Menon @godsonlymistake
#EeMaYau is the slow-burning story of a funeral set in a fishing community within Chellanam.
The dark, satirical plot takes a twist, and the sea besides the house grows progressively rough.
This symbolically-heavy film is another masterpiece by @mrinvicible

nandu ss @rahmanaddict
Lijo Jose Pellisserry seldom disappoints. Don't miss this gem. #EeMaYau

BetaKappa @twitrbk
#EeMaYau The film is beautifully crafted.. Lijo's direction, shyju's cinematography.. all good.. The eernisess of chellanam in a rainy season is felt throughout.. But.. don't know.. somewhere..felt.. incomplete..

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