Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 19 September 2009

Movie Title



Chakri Toleti

Star Cast

Kamal Haasan, Venkatesh, Lakshmi, Bharat Reddy, Ganesh Raman Poonam

After making much hullabaloo, the Kamal Hassan-Venkatesh starrer Eeenadu, a scene by scene remake of the Bollywood blockbuster ? A Wednesday ? got released to a hysterical pitch, but ended up as a drab show for serious movie lovers. The film does not live up to the original.

A retired cop Eshwar Prasad (Venkatesh) goes nostalgic about his experience, recalling a vibrant day in his life that he claims has changed his mind set. Coming as a flashback, the story opens with the cop getting an anonymous call from a common man (Kamal Hassan). He says that bombs were planted in different strategic places in the city of Hyderabad. Though the police take it as a prank call, later they are shuddered with the extreme precision of the bombs being planted at close to the police headquarters.

Eshwar swoops on the call seriously and deputes two commandoes Gautham and Arif Khan to clear the bombs and to catch the caller who in turn puts a condition that four most wanted terrorists should be set free. After a brief dillydallying, the demand is conceded to. When they get released, the police get a smack in their face with a jolting happening, which the police could not do in their service. The climax forms the cutting edge of the film.

Kamal Haasan is simply superb in the role but nowhere near Nasuruddin Shah?s natural performance in the original. He does not look like a common man is the major problem of the film. Venkatesh looks smart, but his performance could have better. All other characters - Ganesh Venkatraman, Anuja, Lakshmi and Santhanam, Poonam Kaur ? are in tune with the story and its pace. The guys who played bad men do their best.

As everybody knows, the script is a straight lift from its Bollywood original. Made with simple changes, the script turns weak and there is no emotion or entertainment for the Telugu audience, and the dialogues are not up to the mark.

Dialogues remind us of the yesteryears flicks, giving testing time to the audiences. Sruthi Hassan?s background score is a major plus point to the film. Despite having two ace actors and a readymade script before him, debutant director Chakri Toleti fails to extract the best from them. Star power is the major attraction in Eenadu but the film, cannot connect with Telugu audiences as there is too much of English dialogues.

Verdict: Average

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