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Friday 07 August 2009

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Vignesh, Lakshahna, M S Bhaskar, Bose Venkat, Muthukalai

Kollywood heroes are trying to reinvent themselves turning into larger than life action heroes, with stories set in the Wild West, the villages of southern Tamil Nadu. The latest to join the bandwagon is Vignesh, a guy who has been around for over 12 years with his new action feast Eesa.

Bala Ganesh makes his debut as director in one of the most violent films in recent times, a bloodbath as characters get killed in the most bloody and brutal fashion. The protagonist Eesa played by Vignesh has been etched out of two of the most powerful characterisation in Tamil cinema- Kamal Hassan?s Chappani of 16 Vayathinile and Vikram?s Chittan of Pitamagan.

The film opens with a man brutally killing a bad guy who terrorised the locality and taking his body to his make shift thatched hut in the middle of a salt field and proudly showing his wife his kill! The wife immediately takes a knife and stabs the dead body! Later towards the interval point it is revealed that the wife is a hallucination of the hero and actually he is on a revenge killing spree with her decayed body by his side!

In a flashback it is told that Sudalesan aka Eesa (Vignesh) is a bit of a dullard and is known as a Kirukkan (mad man), who has strength of an elephant works in the salt fields near Tuticorin. An aggressive girl Selvi (Lakshana) who works in the salt fields falls in love with him and they marry.

Meanwhile the whole area is controlled by a man Annachi (Rajendran) a salt manufacturer and rowdy and his henchmen. One day Selvi sees him and his gang brutally murdering a government official and his young daughter, she questions them resulting in her brutal murder. Eesa takes the cudgels for her and runs amok in a bloody revenge spree.

Vignesh overacts as the angry revenge seeking husband, while Lakshana shows glimpses of her acting talent. All the guys who come as villains are impressive and deadly. The crass and crude comedy of M.S Bhaskar and Muthukalai in the first half is pathetic. There is nothing much to say about newcomer Haran?s music. The plus points are the locations and the climax action scenes in a mangrove forest area bordering the sea, well picturised by cameraman R.B Balaganesh.

Verdict- Average

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