'Ek Paheli Leela' review: So ludicrous, it's almost fun!

'Ek Paheli Leela' review: So ludicrous, it's almost fun!

Source: Sify

By: Sonia Chopra

Friday 10 April 2015

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A very confused and very shirtless man Karan (Bhanushali) awakes to nightmares every night. He sees himself being whipped and in fact also imagines marks on his back.

He tells his friend that these strange occurrences are happening since he has shifted to his new home. However as the film proceeds, there is no apparent link shown between the home and the nightmares. That's one paheli the film doesn't solve.

Next, a pundit tells him that memories from his past life, 300 years ago, are haunting him, and that he has taken birth to complete an unfinished story. Our shirtless hero is distraught and has taken to screaming the name, 'Leela' in his sleep.

Meanwhile Meera (Leone) is a supermodel from Milan, at a fashion show in London, singing a Punjabi number, Meri Desi Look... She suffers from claustrophobia and has docs handing her anti-depression pills for the same, which is a tad weird.

She reaches Rajasthan for a shoot and meets a local prince Ranveer (Mohit Alawat). Shirtless hero, now in a t-shirt and denim jacket (I thought they outlawed this fashion trend) also arrives.

We now watch as this love triangle folds and unfolds as the film tries to link a 300-year-old story to present time.

Naturally, the film's story does not convince you at any point. It's unintentionally hilarious to see these city-based characters talk about "vidhi ka vidhaan" and unfinished business from a past life with a straight face. Curiously everyone looks different in their present life, except Meera who looks the same just as her past life persona.

The film is littered with so many songs, you feel the story is progressing in the gaps between songs.

For humour you have a middle-aged man talk about the languages he knows – 'Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Ma ki Gaali, Behen Ki Gaali'. The main job of this character is to appear on screen and make obnoxious, risque jokes, that more often than not, misses the mark.

Sunny Leone, star of the show, plays two characters. The village girl Leela is quite a rebel and strong-willed. And present day Meera displays normal girl traits like ambition, intelligence and humour (mostly lacking in heroine roles).

Leone is rarely given a full costume to wear. Whether as the village girl character or the supermodel, the film plays upon (exploits) the actress's sensuality in every scene. So it'll be a close-up of her legs in one scene, and a cleavage-revealing blouse in another.

Leone's dialogue delivery (and she does have a lot to say through the film) hasn't improved at all. But her screen presence is fairly appealing and she manages to bring about nonchalance to her sensuality.

Mohit Alawat is suitably restrained as a modern-day prince and Jay Bhanushali, when not looking dazed, does fairly well. The supporting ensemble is impressive.

So there you have it - a half-entertaining story that unfolds between songs, some past life mumbo-jumbo, sprinkles of Rajasthan exotica, and a good-looking cast that makes it somewhat bearable. And why half-entertaining? Because it's so ludicrous, it's almost fun!

Ek Paheli Leela Review Rating: 2 stars

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