Ellam Avan Seyal

Ellam Avan Seyal


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 29 November 2008

Movie Title

Ellam Avan Seyal


Shaji Kailas

Star Cast

RK, Bhama, Nassar, Manoj

The problem with Shaji Kailas?s Ellam Avan Seyal a remake of his own Chintamani Kolacase is its non-happening, unbelievable and infantile script which is dark and dreary. Shaji obviously wanted to make it stylishly with spot editing (Don Max), which resulted in giving the film a superficial gloss without any narrative.

RK hams as his acting lacks heat and passion and most of the time he has a stupid grin with a weird make-up of an oily curly hair and kohl eyes. The characterization of the hero LK or Laxman Krishna (RK) and the basic plot of the movie have been etched out of the Hollywood film ?The Star Chamber? (1983).

RK is a brilliant criminal lawyer who helps the bad and evil escape from law using legal technicalities and loopholes. LK (He says he has License to Kill) feels he is both ?advocate and judge for the scum of the earth?- a guy who rapes his teacher, a father who uses his daughter etc.

For him, it is an alternative system of justice, a new method of punishing the guilty by passing his own judgment over them in his own exclusive court! He seeks revenge for the victim and metes out vigilante justice. Phew the killing spree starts! After each killing our hero mouths some Sanskrit slokas followed by English idioms. He says he is following the ?cosmic law?!

The rest of the film is about how our vigilante lawyer takes up the case as defending lawyer for nine rich NRI girls (Better known as ?Mirchi? girls in the Medical college) who are the main accused in ragging and killing Sinthamani(Bhama) a poor medical student!

LK does the impossible by hooking up evidences and finally the nine girls are left free. But the mystery behind Sinthamani?s murder is totally different and how our hero takes revenge on the real killers in a blood soaked climax forms the rest of the story.

Raguvaran makes his last appearance on screen as a smooth and cool CBI officer on the trail of LK. Nassar hams as a bumbling cop. Manoj.K Jayan has to just leer on screen, while Ashish Vidyarthi has to grimace make faces and play the perfect villain. Manivannan does the sob act as the father of the murdered girl. Bhama has to do the innocent girl act, while Vadivel does his own dumb comedy track devoid of any genuine gut busters. The ?Mirchi? girl?s characters are bizarre and outlandish.

There are a lot of gory, repulsive scenes like Bhama being ragged by ?Mirchi? girls and made to marry and kiss a corpse in the college laboratory No comments on Vidyasagar?s music. Sadly the whole film lacks a cohesive plot and is strung around a couple of clich?d subplots, predictable twists, hackneyed dialogues and some badly etched out characters.

Verdict: Below Average

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