Ellam Sheriyakum review: A lowbrow comedy

Ellam Sheriyakum- Lowbrow comedy

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Monday 22 November 2021

Movie Title

Ellam Sheriyakum review: A lowbrow comedy


Jibu Jacob

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Siddique, Rajisha Vijayan

Director Jibu Jacob’s Ellam Sheriyakum is supposed to be a mix of politics, romance and family emotions. 

Chacko Sir (Siddique) is the tallest leader of the Conference party, the prominent outfit in the UPF. His daughter Ancy (Rajisha Vijayan) elopes with a youth wing activist named Vineeth (Asif Ali) of CMP (I), from the rival front, a day before he was expected to become the Kerala Chief Minister.

Now if you have not been sleeping for the past few decades, you would have easily guessed which parties are being shown here. And if you were wondering where is the right-wing front then, well, such explanations or even the much-needed follow-ups to incidents mentioned in the story are missing.

Ancy and Vineeth go to Kannur and when the story resumes after three years, they have shifted to Chacko sir’s own Kottayam. Ancy is now a teacher in a college and Vineeth is working in a bank. Chacko is active with his tricky ways to hold the power.

The seasoned politician is seen using some trick to bring back his pregnant daughter to his house at a later stage.Vineeth, who is at times seen as a firebrand, comes to see his wife in the night slyly and lands in trouble. 

With a script that is half-baked, the director manages to present a saga that is mostly confused, perhaps like the protagonists, who are not sure about whether to be with their family or become involved totally in politics.

There are comments about several political incidents during recent times, but it is evident that it is of the standard discussed by certain social media groups, some online news channels or by the WhatsApp Universities. And then, there are some political agendas, like promoting certain political leaders from the state.

There are also mentions about certain crimes and after a while, it’s all conveniently forgotten. 

Asif Ali and Rajisha Vijayan have done their parts fine, but it is Siddique who shines with an impressive performance. The rest of the cast has limited roles to play.

Ellam Sheriyakum tries to fit in too many things and has been modeled on some of those comic skits shown on TV. Though it has been styled as making political statements, it’s all limited to mocking some politicians, select political parties or incidents. Watch this one at your risk!

Verdict: Lowbrow comedy









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