Eminem's mom claims he is a sham

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 19, 2007 04:45 hrs

Controversial rapper Eminem is about to court more controversy as his mother sets to release a book that reveals that he is not all he claims to be.

Pagesix.com reports that Debbie Nelson will reveal all in her book My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem. She claims he made up his whole difficult childhood in order to be successful in the rap music business.

In the introduction she writes, "After his first album, Infinite, flopped, he reinvented himself as white trailer trash with a crazy welfare mom. I was shocked when I first heard the lyrics, but he constantly reassured me it was all a big joke. I went along with it for Marshall's sake."

Her son’s fans have attacked Nelson, both physically and mentally and now she feels she has had enough of it.

"This book is my way of setting the record straight," she said.

Some other claims she makes include that Eminem was a shy child and that he was so jealous of her new man that he wouldn't let him sleep with her on their wedding night.

He also reportedly beat her up on his 23rd birthday and was "so strung out" that he doesn't remember.

But even with all this the mother doesn't hate him: "My son never intended for me to become an object of hatred."