Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal review: Laid-back comedy entertainer

A slow paced comedy entertainer, which evokes some laughter at a few places

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Friday 03 February 2017

Movie Title

Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal review: Laid-back comedy entertainer


Mahendran Rajamani

Star Cast

Jai, Karunakaran, Naveen George Thomas, Kali Venkat

The film is about four odd friends, Krishna (Jai) who is a working in the IT industry, Moideen (Kali Venkat), a share auto driver, Ramesh (Karunakaran), working as cashier in a bank and Sowmi (Naveen George Thomas) working as a call center executive, who are close to each other and keep meeting regularly and chat about their life over a drink.

Krishna goes on a trip with his colleagues and meets Divya (Pranitha), another colleague and falls in love with her.

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Krishna does everything possible to make Divya happy. Once when they go to a dance bar, he finds that she is in love with Rubesh, another colleague. Next day when Krishna meets Divya, she makes it clear that she has decided to get married to Rubesh and everything is over between them.

The heart-broken Krishna goes to meet a psychiatrist Muthu Vinayagam (‘Thambi’ Ramaiya) to seek his counseling. Vinayagam advises him to inform his friends when he is depressed and not to think about the girl who ditched him. Krishna calls his friends but when all his three friends were busy with various personal issues, he decides to kill himself. He takes a room in a lodge with the intent to commit suicide. He calls his friends and informs them of his plan and they start searching for him. During the search, all three of them end up in various troubles, with no fault of theirs.

Meanwhile, in the lodge Krishna finally decides to drink the poison when actor Santhanam appears in a TV show. He tells the audience that instead of dying for a girl, who was not sincere to her lover, it is better one lives well before her and make her realize her mistake. Krishna is inspired by this and vacates the room and returns home. Krishna comes to know that he is the reason for his friends’ troubles and goes about resolving them one by one. At the end, what happens to Krishna and his friends form the story.

The problem with the film is that it progresses very slowly. Through many flashback scenes Krishna tells his life story to Vinayagam. Though the story progresses, the pace is very much lacking and the fun element misses the mark due to the slow pace. The film picks some momentum when ‘Mottai’ Rajendran enters the scene as Black Rock. All the four actors Jai, Karunakaran, Kali Venkat and Naveen have equal space in the film. Pranitha in a negative role does not make any impact. Instead, Anjali in a cameo at the end, brings in some laugh.

Thambi Ramaiya, Manohar and Marimuthu play their parts well. ‘Mottai’ Rajendran impresses in his short role. The film stands out for its cinematography by Mahesh Muthuswamy who captures the hills and its landscape well. His beautiful cinematography is a strength to the otherwise not so interesting film. Santhosh Dayanidhi’s background music tries to pep up the film at some places. Out of the three songs from him, only one ‘Mannenna Vepanna…’ stands out. Gopi Krishna’s editing is neat but not crisp enough to make it interesting throughout.

The film written and directed by Mahendran Rajamani has some sharp and funny dialogues. However, his direction lacks the punch and pace required for such a multi-layered film.

Overall, the film is a slow paced comedy entertainer, which evokes some laughter at a few places.

Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal review - Verdict: Average

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