Endendu Ninagaagi

Endendu Ninagaagi



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 13 April 2014

Movie Title

Endendu Ninagaagi


Mahesh Rao

Star Cast

Vivek Narasimhan Raj, Deepa Sannidhi, Aneesh, Sindhu Lokanath

The movie clearly illustrates the uncertainties of life and re-instates the fact that it is only the present that one can be sure of. Director Mahesh Rao has come up well with the picturization and is successful enough to pull the crowd to the theaters. Though a remake of the Tamil superhit Engeyum Eppothum, there are few changes to suit the nativity and the performance of the actors is something to be well appreciated.

A road journey from Bangalore to Davangere and vice versa turns to be a traumatic experience, to the passengers. Stories told in flashback witnesses two love stories; one between Vivek and Deepa Sannidhi and the other between Aneesh and Sindhu Lokanath.

Vivek and Deepa who are extremely opposite in characters are in love with each other and want to start their new life as soon as possible. Sindhu who comes to Bangalore in search of a job accidentally meets and takes help from Aneesh to reach her destination and in the process the duo fall in love with each other but realize only after they part their ways, after a formal thank you.

While Deepa and Vivek travel from Bangalore to Davangere to meet Vivek?s parents and Aneesh travels in the same bus in the hope of meeting Sindhu, she travels from Davangere to Bangalore to meet her love Aneesh.

Along with these love stories, there are various meager introductions of other passengers in the buses. While the journey proceeds happily to a certain extent there is an unexpected twist as both the buses collide into each other and a major accident happens injuring many passengers and also causing few deaths. Will Vivek and Deepa reach their destination? Will Aneesh and Sindhu be able to express their love to each other and unite? Forms the climax and has to be watched onscreen.

The story and screenplay is definitely impressive and the director has to be credited for sketching the movie in the right way. Vivek Narasimhan has managed to make an impact on the audience and of course on other film makers too with his brilliant performance and dialogue delivery.

The new kid on the block garners the attention. Needless to say, his hair-style and body language resemble his uncle Ravichandran. Deepa Sannidhi seen in a bold character is outspoken and rigid in her thoughts and is the best match for Vivek in the movie. Aneesh?s and Sindhu pair which had been appreciated in previous movies continues to give their best in this movie too, while Sindhu is successful at delivering her girl next door character flawlessly. Music by V.Harikrishna and cinematography by Jai Anand are perfect in place and the movie is definitely worth a weekend.

Verdict: Good

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