Enemy review: Neatly written action thriller

Enemy- Well-made action thriller

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 04 November 2021

Movie Title

Enemy review: Neatly written action thriller


Anand Shankar

Star Cast

Vishal, Arya, Thambi Ramaiah, Prakash Raj

Director Anand Shankar has penned an engaging tale of two brilliant guys and the film works to a large extent because of these two written characters are played brilliantly by Vishal and Arya. 

Cholan (Vishal) is a brilliant kid but his dad Ramalingam (Thambi Ramaiah), prefers to stay low and is always cautious of the risk involved in whatever he does! Rajiv (Arya)  son of a retired IPS officer (Prakash Raj), trains him from a  very young age to become an upright police officer! 

Interestingly, Cholan and Rajiv are neighbors, and Rajiv's dad trains both the boys with all his expertise. But very soon, he finds out that Cholan is more brilliant and keeps pushing Rajiv to work harder. Unfortunately, Rajiv's dad gets murdered and afraid of the police investigation, Ramalingam flys to Singapore and settles down with his son Cholan.

Cut to the present, Cholan and Rajiv have chosen different paths, the former uses his brain and continues to be a do-gooder while the latter is a criminal and his idea is only to make money! The rest of the film is about the clash between the buddies turned enemies!

Director Anand Shankar establishes the core plot of the film in the initial twenty-five minutes. The writing is solid and organic in these portions. We can relate with all the main characters of Enemy from the word go! The two kids who have acted as the young Vishal and Arya are good. 

Vishal looks earnest in Enemy and shines as Cholan, an obedient son yet a risk-taker for the Tamil community. As usual, his tall physique helps him with the action episodes. Arya looks bright and powerful in the author-backed Rajiv, he effortlessly carries the film on his shoulder as the main antagonist. Mamta Mohandas's role is yet another sweet surprise in the film. Veterans Prakash Raj and Thambi Ramaiah are perfect.

RD Rajasekar has superbly filmed the high-octane action sequences set in the foreign land. Sam CS has lifted the mood of the film with his stylish background score. The action choreography deserves applause, particularly the climax fight has been superbly staged and executed. Music by Thaman is good but too many songs affect the flow of the film.

The film has its flaws including the logical loopholes on how Vishal and Arya casually fight in the foreign land (that too, Singapore) without the intervention of cops, the emotional angle in the second half is stretched and hence affects the pace. But overall, Enemy is a good watch for this Diwali season, especially for action thriller fans.

Verdict: Neatly written action thriller


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