Ente Ummante Peru review: Fails to be gripping beyond a point!

An honest film that has limited impact on the audience.

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Movie Title

Ente Ummante Peru review: Fails to be gripping beyond a point!


Jose Sebastian

Star Cast

Tovino Thomas, Urvashi

Director Jose Sebastian’s Ente Ummante Peru is based on a nice idea that has been presented in a not so engaging manner.

After the death of his father Hyder, Hameed (Tovino Thomas) feels like an orphan all on a sudden. He has been left behind with quite a fortune by his father but Hameed feels too lonely without a family. Beeran (Hareesh Kanaran), who works in their shop is his confidant. 

Hameed decides to get married and falls instantly for Sainaba (Saipriya Deva), when he meets her. But her father is not willing for the alliance as Hameed has no family or close relatives. In fact Hameed himself doesn’t know who his mother is and the film is essentially about his journey to find her. He meets Aysha (Urvashi) in the process and is on cloud nine. But some twists are awaiting here.

There are some emotional sequences in this movie that would affect the viewer, but the problem is the way it is being narrated. The scenes after Hameed finds Aysha could have been dealt with in detail, but all that is seen on screen is a rehash of some moments that reminds one of Urvashi’s own earlier role from Achuvinte Amma.

Tovino Thomas performs his character with earnestness. He looks cute when he speaks with that peculiar Malabar style accent. Urvashi is good but one would have liked to see the fabulous actress more on screen here. Hareesh Kanaran does manage to make his presence interesting with his witty one liners. Saipriya Deva has to look beautiful, which she does quite well. 

Ente Ummante Peru has perhaps been made with noble intentions but it fails to be gripping beyond a point. It is more of a wasted opportunity and an average fare.

Ente Ummante Peru review: Honest, but with limited impact

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