Evidey review: An emotional drama and a whodunit thriller rolled into one

Evidey review: An emotional drama and a whodunit thriller rolled into one

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Saturday 06 July 2019

Movie Title

Evidey review: An emotional drama and a whodunit thriller rolled into one


K K Rajeev

Star Cast

Asha Sarath, Prem Prakash, Shebin Benson

Director K K Rajeev’s Evidey is an emotional drama and a whodunit thriller rolled into one.

The story begins when Jessy (Asha Sarath) and son Leen (Shebin Benson) approaches the police station to file a complaint about her missing husband, musician Symphony Zachariah (Manoj K Jayan). The sub inspector Simon Tharakan (Baiju Santhosh) finds it pretty weird that the family didn’t file a complaint earlier, considering Zachariah was missing for quite a while.

As the investigation proceeds, Jessy start getting letters from Zachariah, which prompts her to withdraw the case. In between the story takes some different directions like the romance between Leen and Shahana (Anaswara Rajan). 

Jessy is in for a shock a little while later when she comes across some crucial informations.
The story by Bobby and Sanjay shows promise, but things would perhaps have been even better if the scenes were packaged in a taut and disciplined manner. 

There is an effort to add emotions and drama, even when there are some mysteries to be unveiled and the balance gets shaky at times. The intentions of the makers are honest for sure and that needs to be appreciated. One gets the feeling that the investigation part could have been written with more depth and a gradual way of revealing the missing links would have made it all look more effective. All said and done, the film is a fairly engaging
one in the current form.

As Jessy, Asha Sarath is convincing. Watch out for a good show from Prem Prakash who is playing Kuttichan, Zachariah’s dad. Shebin Benson and Anaswara Rajan are good. Baiju Santhosh is in fine form. Manoj K Jayan repeats his trademark style though.

Evidey may not be perfect but it has definitely been aimed at conveying some genuine issues that are relevant. 

Evidey review: Watchable

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