Ezhil: 'Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen' is a family entertainer

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Last Updated: Tue, May 9th, 2017, 14:05:23hrs
Ezhil: 'Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen' is a family entertainer
Ezhil started his film career with Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s super hit film ‘Thullatha Manamum Thullum’ and has been in the industry for nearly 18 years and enjoys a good hit rate, especially with the limited budget, his last four movies were profitable ventures for the producers.

“After a few failures, I was forced to produce a film on my own that I even tried to pledge my land. Later, my friends came forward to invest and I was convinced to direct a film with 2-3cr budget at known locations, the resultant film was Manam Kothi Paravai, which went on to become a profitable venture”, recalls Ezhil, who also says that post Manam Kothi Paravai’s success, producers are only asking for comedy entertainers and he is only delivering as per demand.

“The formula is simple, if you have a good script and limited budget, chances to recover back the investment is higher. All my recent films were hits only because of entertaining scripts and calculate budget”, says Ezhil, who has finished his upcoming film Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen in forty days.

On wrapping up films within the short span of time, Ezhil says “Completing shoot within stipulated time is my style. Among all the films produced by Super Good Films, Thullatha Manamum Thullum consumed lesser time, we shot the film in just 46 days despite having a big star like Vijay, who prefers to not work post 6 PM at that time”.

Talking about Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen, the director says “Just like my recent films, this one is also a family entertainer targeting summer season. We have multi-genres including horror, comedy, and politics in our film with comedy battalions including Soori, Robo Shankar, Ravi Mariya, Chams, Madhumitha and Mansoor Ali Khan”.

Ezhil is also in full praise for his producer and actor Udhay, “I think in another five years, Udhayanidhi sir will be a big star. His comic timing is extraordinary, he is super punctual and dances extremely well. I was little apprehensive whether Udhay will adapt for my working style with a bunch of comedians but Soori rightly acted as a bridge between us and in no time, we became good friends”.

Like the last twenty minutes laugh-riot episode in Velainu Vandhutta Velaikkaran (VVV), Ezhil says that Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen has an eleven minutes Panchayat portion. “The scene features the entire comedy gang and Udhay sir. Who knows? the particular episode might also evoke more laughter than the Robo Shankar sequence in VVV”, smiles the director.

We hear that there is a ‘Thoppi’ episode in political sequences in Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen ….“It was totally unintentional. We wrote the script when Jayalalithaa amma was alive but only after watching the final cut, Udhay sir told me about the rare coincidence”, laughs Ezhil.

So will Ezhil join hands with Ajith and Vijay again? “Today, they have huge market and audiences are expecting something special from them and for which, I’ve to invest minimum one year for the script work alone but always looking forward to work with Ajith sir and Vijay sir”, says the director, who made one film with Ilayathalapathy and two films with Thala.

Talking about his script writing style, Ezhil says “I prefer work with writers, both seniors, and young people. It’s mandatory to have younger ones in your team, they teach you the current trend but at the same time, they lack experience so should rightly balancing it with senior writers ”.

Ezhil signs off by saying he is currently working on a new script and will begin the shoot by the end of this month.

-Rajasekar S