F2 Fun & Frustration Review: Venky makes the film worth a watch

F2 provides lot of fun in the first half with Venky dominating the show. He is the hero!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

F2 Fun & Frustration Review: Venky makes the film worth a watch


Anil Ravipudi

Star Cast

Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah, Mehreen

After the initial happy married life, Venky gets irritated with his wife Haarika’s (Tamannah) nagging and suggests Varun Yadav (Varun Tej) not to get married but the latter goes ahead to marry Haarika’s sister Honey (Mehreen). When both Venky and Varun are frustrated, they head to Europe to teach a lesson to their respective women but the ladies land in Europe. Venky and Varun get shocked when they come to know the real reason why Haarika and Honey have landed in Europe.

Unapologetic masala comedies have become passé but when they are packed in a new tetra pack with new elements, they provide lot of fun. Anil Ravipudi’s ‘F2’ is one such. Anil Ravipudi’s sole aim is to provide fun. Like in all his previous movies, the story is quite regular but his narration is entertaining. He is in great form in the first half of the movie. Relying on Venkatesh’s comic timing to generate laughs, he gets the act right to the most part. And Venky puts all his experience in use to give us roaring laugh moments. He has not done such a comedy role in a long time and as opportunity came, he has done it providing lot of enjoyment.

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In films like these, the scenes and situations would not be new but they only get highlighted when the actors pick up the ‘sruthi’ of the writing and the senior actor got it from the very first scene and he takes us on a rollercoaster fun ride till the interval bang.

This is one film in the recent times that makes us eagerly wait for the second half to begin. Such a terrific comedy in the first half. After setting the bar high in the first half, the director slips a bit. The story moves from Hyderabad to Europe and the tone also changes. The entertainment in the second half has many ups and downs. Even though Venky and Varun continue their jokes, with the entry of too many actors like Prakash Raj, Prudhvi, Vennela Kishore and others the comedy ends up being a farce.

And then there is Anil Ravipudi’s weakness- extending the climax. When the film comes to placing ‘The End’ card, he introduces a song and prolongs the movie further. He does the same here too. Had he showed economy of scenes and tighter narration in the second half, the film would have double fun.

Venkatesh rocks in the role of Venky, the frustrated husband. He not only generates laughs but also tells us many life’s lessons. His final advice to all the husbands is: don’t raise a voice, just listen to your wife and say “Anthega Anthega” and lead a happy life.

Varun Tej’s Telangana accent is artificial but he is okay in the role. Tamannah and Mehreen have also provided some comedy apart from pleasing the mass audiences with their ample skin show. Rajendra Prasad’s role is irritating. Annapurnnamma, Jhansi, Pragati and Priyadarshi shine in their brief roles. Vennela Kishore’s role is nothing but a ‘commercial’ thing, his role should be chopped off.

Music is okay. “Entho Fun” is super song from Devi Sri Prasad. Cinematography and production values have provided rich look.

Director Anil Ravipudi once again proves that he can generate comedy from simple situations. He has scored here too. However, he is continuing to write the ‘farce’ situations in the second half and weak endings.

F2 provides lot of fun in the first half with Venky dominating the show. He is the hero! Venky makes the film worth a watch. Fun quotient dominates weak penultimate sequences. Comedy is its strength.

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