Fahadh, the wind beneath Nazriya's wings: Anjali Menon

Last Updated: Fri, Jun 15, 2018 10:10 hrs

Ever since director Anjali Menon announced the title of her new film, Koode, fans and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the release of this star-studded venture. The film features Prithviraj, Nazriya and Parvathy in the lead the lead roles.

The movie is special for Nazriya who took a four-year-break from the movies after she got married to actor Fahadh Faasil. The later took to Facebook to share his excitement and posted - "Never before in my life I have had this kind of an excitement to share the first look poster of a movie. More than the great film it’s going to be and the great cast and technicians it has, my excitement is to see someone I love to watch on screen after four long years. She gave up these four golden years of her life to give me a home. I love you Nazriya with all I have and everything I am. All the best Anjali, Raju, Paru and My Own".

This heartfelt message by the actor didn't go unnoticed by the Bangalore Days director!

Anjali Menon posted a heartwarming reply: I loved Fahadh Faasil's post about #KOODE and it reminded me of something that happened 4 years ago.

On our last day of shoot for Bangalore Days, we were all getting a little senti about leaving. Hence we ganged up for dinner after shoot - Fahadh, Nazriya, Dulquer, Amal, Nivin, Rinna, Littil & myself. At the dinner the topic of their upcoming wedding came up. Soon talk moved to the general industry speculation of how Nazriya's career might come to an end with her marriage to him. An irritated Fahadh suddenly turns to me and says "Anjali! Please cast her in your next film! Why would anyone think that I don't want her to act anymore??"

I was amused then, but 4 years down when Nazriya actually became part of my next film and he would pop into to our set to meet her in action, I was SO happy for them! We barely spoke on set as I would always be in the midst of something but I just wanted to say this to you Fahadh - its great that you are being the wind beneath her wings! Thank you for the good wishes. Stay happy NaNa-FaFa!

This is Menon's third feature film as director. She had directed the award-winning Manjadikuru (2012) and the superhit Bangalore Days (2014). Menon had also scripted the successful Ustad Hotel for which she won the National Award for Best Dialogues.

Koode is produced by Rejaputhra Visual Media and Little Films India and has camera by Littil Swayamp. The music directors are M Jayachandran and Raghu Dixit.

Prithviraj and Parvathy will have another romantic tale, My Story, lined up for release soon. My Story has been directed by Roshni Dinaker.

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