Fair and Lovely

Fair and Lovely

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 25 October 2014

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Fair and Lovely


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Director Raghuram has definitely perked up his directorial skills compared to his last outing ?Cheluveye Ninna Nodalu?. The story narrating format, the conceptualization of ?Fair and Lovely ?has been in the right tone and after having watched the movie, one can easily comprehend it to be a candid effort of storytelling by the director.

Though minor glitches have their say at small intervals, they are definitely overshadowed by the performance of the artiste?s in the movie. With all the necessary commercial elements, director surely makes you realise that this is not one of the run-of-the-mill stories that you get to see.

Protagonist Prem, is a typical modern happy go lucky person who lands in a brothel inadvertently. Though it takes some time for our hero to recognize the place he has intruded, he is shaken by the truth when he learns about the place and wants to have his exit from the site. As fate would have it, he is tricked to stay in the brothel with a prostitute played by Shwetha Srivatsav due to a police raid.

Fearing the consequences of ending up in jail, our handsome hunk finds no better option rather than staying the lady he has met unintentionally and this is when the conversation between them turns into the sharing of each other?s past lives. How true are the two to each other and what situations got them to their present condition is the interesting part of the story and has to be watched onscreen.

Though a few scenes are predictable, the screenplay is intriguing which makes you glued to your seats. Prem has a control over his character and his matured acting is something that is praise worthy. His charming and younger looks captivate the audience and are an added advantage to his performance. Shwetha Srivatsav has undeniably chosen the best project after being a part of super hit like SOLS. The bold character portrayed by the pretty lass is something that not every actor agrees upon and Shwetha certainly proves the versatility in her performance. The couple shares a unique kind of chemistry on screen and can be expected to share the screen space in the near future. Vijay Raghavendra, Anu Prabhakar, Nakshatra have justified their roles and aptly suit the flow of the story.

The movie watching experience reminds the audience of Ravichandran?s films, while the dialogues reminds of those witty one liners from SOLS. Raghuram has unquestionably advanced in terms of film making and hopefully viewers get to see some more of good quality films from the talented director.

Music by V Harikrishna does not show its charm surprisingly, due to slow moving tracks, while the lyrics merge well with the tracks. Narration, screenplay, performance move in the right direction and certainly is a must watch for the weekend, for the reason that it proves to be an entertainer and gives you a feeling of watching an entire package of entertainment.

Verdict: Above average

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