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Tuesday 24 February 2015

Movie Title



Deepu Karunakaran

Star Cast

Mammootty, Nyla Usha

It’s commendable for filmmakers to take a look at the usually ignored sections in our society. Deepu Karunakaran’s Fireman is one such film that reminds us about the hard work done by the firemen in uniform who play with danger to make our lives safe.

The story begins with an ailing man (played by Salim Kumar), who has come to town, for his daughter’s medical checkup. She is missing after a while and the distraught father is frantically trying to find her. In the process, an accident occurs and a fully filled LPG tanker capsizes, leaving everyone in panic.

Soon after the mishap happens, the fire spreads in the area, killing more than twenty persons. While the rest of his clan come in uniforms, fireman Vijay (Mammootty) takes over the action, in a casual dress. He gives sermons on duty, safety, responsibility and on virtually everything in regular intervals.

But then, accept it, he is the hero after all. Only he has brains and we soon realize that in this story, this hero is always right.

Just like those old Telugu films where science, sense or logic would give way to the hero’s bravado, Mammootty has been presented in a somewhat similar role here. He even slaps a police officer for being harsh and everyone is just waiting for his orders. But then that is the power of the hero!

Deepu Karunakaran, who has made horrible films like Tejabhai & family in the past, does remind us that we often forget the services rendered to the society by the fire brigade. With special effects that could have been fine maybe four decades back, the director has made a film, which can at best be watchable for hardcore fans of Mammootty.

The film has too many loose ends and we won’t discuss much and play spoilsports for those who are keen to get burnt watching this film. But can someone please explain the relevance of Salim Kumar’s initial scenes? Or what exactly were the reasons behind the whole incident? It’s tough to accept when everything, which includes logic as well, is all there only to show how brave our hero is!

Mammootty looks tired for sure but is convincing as the invincible hero, though his acting chops are not really tested here. Nyla Usha has nothing much to do and Unni Mukundan does a supporting role, but fails to impress.

The best thing about Fireman is that it is about a group of men who are leading a risky life. But beyond that, as a film, this one is far from impressive.

Verdict: Average

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