French Viplavam review: A Lowbrow comedy

French Viplavam is a wasted opportunity at best

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

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French Viplavam review: A Lowbrow comedy



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Sunny Wayne, Lal

Debutant director Maju has reportedly attempted French Viplavam, after being inspired by Lijo Jose Pellissery’s style of filmmaking. With the kind of tribute that has been made here, the guru need not feel really proud about this one.

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The film is set in a sleepy village known as Kochukadavu, in the aftermath of the arrack ban in Kerala that happened in 1996. There is no big storyline in this one and the scenes are based on the escapades of a few characters who are desperate to have a drink, all the time. Then there is some romance and a few spicy scenes. But the problem is when such scenes fail to keep the attention of the viewers intact and then, the going becomes dreary.

Patta Sisupalan (Lal) owned an arrack shop, which he had to close down due to the ban. Satyan (Sunny Wayne) is a youth fooling around with his gang of friends and is in love with Sisupalan’s daughter.

The story meanders along without any definite direction until a twist happens with a foreign lady’s arrival with a bottle of French wine. With a half-baked script, the effort is to bring in laughs with comical situations and one liners.

Even the 2 hours 8 minutes duration of the film seems way too much with the tiring narration.

Lal repeats his branded style once again but is generally fine. Sunny Wayne plays his character in a dedicated way. Unnimaya, who plays Lal’s wife, does her Maheshinte Prathikaram style of dialogue delivery once again. Chemban Vinod Jose appears at a certain point in the story but has a role that is not much effective.

French Viplavam tries hard to be funny but in the absence of genuine writing, it barely succeeds in that attempt. It’s a wasted opportunity at best.

French Viplavam review - Verdict: Lowbrow comedy

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