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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 20 August 2012

Movie Title



Lijin Jose

Star Cast

Fahadh Faasil, Nedumudi Venu, Ann Augustine

The extremely overhyped ?new generation? syndrome in Malayalam cinema seems to have started taking a toll now! Debutant director Lijin Jose? Friday is a half-baked attempt on those lines.

Quite a few films are being made in the multi linear format of late, with only minor changes happening to the storyline. Here, the lives of a few are being tracked on an eventful Friday and their stories get intertwined at a certain juncture.

A romantic couple, an auto driver, a soon to be married girl and her family, a childless couple, a pregnant woman, a trickster and so on are connected through certain strange happenings. Fair enough, but what is new here? A hodgepodge of some normal episodes from the lives of a group of people will be interesting, but repeating such stories makes the whole concept jaded.

There are some basic aspects that lacks logic as well, like why is the police officer not searching for the particular auto driver who had the old man?s jewelry, mentioning his distinguishing features? Instead he wastes time only asking for that particular bag, which was missing!

Scenarist Najeem Koya?s script lacks depth and it can be called an ordinary attempt at best. Lijin Jose has come up with an amateurish effort and offers nothing new, to make the viewers thrilled. The visuals and the music are fine.

Fahadh Faasil, who is perhaps an easy to ticket to label a film as a ?modern? one, is there only for a brief period. Though he has done his role quite earnestly, the character lacks much impact. In fact, the serious mood portrayed by the film looks generally pointless. The rest of the cast have nothing much to do.

In all fairness, Friday can work in parts for all those who are not familiar watching movies in this pattern used in films like Amores Perros, Babel, Crash, 21 Grams and some of those Robert Altman gems. But for all those who are familiar with this style of filmmaking, this film looks amateurish and pretentious.

Verdict: Average

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