Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 24 December 2013

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Jeevan, Roopa Nataraj, Mohan Juneja, Abhaya Simha

Films makers these days have become refugees to a new kind of marketing strategy and this is nothing but online promotions. The trailer of ?Simpallag Ondh Love Story ? which had become a viral hit through its online marketing strategy became a trend setter and was then on followed by many other films. Gaali has followed the same route.

The trailer of Gaali, which was over flooded by dialogues, seemed to have influenced from the SOLS trailer, but if there?s something different to be expected, then it?s the storyline. Jeeva who comes from the village to the city to realize his dream of becoming a film director is initially turned down by a line of producers. Finally he manages to get hold of a producer who is ready to produce the film provided Jeeva fulfills his condition of casting a hero of his choice, citing the reason of the hero?s date availability. The popular actor who is pretty famous for his super attitude behavior gets slapped by the director and the movie is almost shelved. Jeevan manages to convince the producer to continue the movie and complete it in a meager budget of 35 lakhs. He dons the role of a lead actor and ropes in Roopa as the lead actress. The movie is completed and becomes a super hit and earns crores of rupees benefitting the producer. Later Jeevan returns to his village and what happens next is the climax point of the movie and has to be watched onscreen.

Jeevan appears confident in his role and is impressive in his debut. Roopa has nothing much to do in her role and is hardly visible onscreen. Director Lucky has experimented in this movie and his lack of experience in the film making process is clearly evident onscreen. Santosh has done his camerawork to an acceptable level and Daniel Victory?s music has managed to compliment the movie.

Verdict: Average

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