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Monday 14 January 2008

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Darshan, Navya Nayar, Devaraj, master Hirannaiah, Tejaswini, Srinath, Aruna

Yet another mediocre film plus the routine action, love and sentiment film starring Darshan, is tailor made for his image keeping the fans in mind. The film is heavily inspired from that telugu Blockbusters Okkadu and Bhadra. But the producer claims that this is based on novelist P. Ramachandra Rao's story.

Darshan looks very handsome with a new hair style and most of the time he is trying to imitate Tamil superstar Rajanikanth! In one of the songs the heroine says to Darshan that he is 'white Rajanikanth'. Gaja (Darshan) is a daring person who has the strength of an elephant when he takes on opponents. On his way to his friend Krishna?s (Saurav) house he sees the velocity of danger in the place he is going to stay for a short time. This is where he meets Shwetha (Navya Nayar) sister of his friend Krishna.

On the festival day of the Goddess Chamundeswari the stage turns out to be gruesome. Heads roll as the opponent to Devendra (Devaraj) the step father of Shwetha and Krishna make hell. Devendra a highly educated person had in fact stopped the continuation of revenge consulting the police department. This bloody battle shock Gaja and he is advised rightly by Devendra to run away from the scene with Shwetha.

Gaja does so, but on his way he tears apart the head of key villain's brother. This is what forces the villain to chase Gaja in Bangalore. Gaja giving safety to Shwetha in his house and is in two minds whether to tell his feelings or to send Shwetha back to London. The further danger ahead Gaja foresee forces him to book tickets to London for Shwetha.

In the airport the common friend of Shwetha and Gaja is explain how much Gaja loves Shwetha. Rest of the proceedings is what expected. Shwetha comes back before boarding and at the same time Gaja makes it point to end the menace of villain who is thirsty for his blood.

The six feet tall Darshan excel in action and dialogue delivery. Navya Nair has proved her mettle in the film. She is like live wire and her dancing is above average. Komal in the comedy department steals the show. Deveraj and Shobaraj have very little to do but they have that gutsy role in tact for them. Three songs scored by Harikrishna are good. Ramesh Babu has captured the exteriors wonderfully in his camera.

This is no doubt an action masala film but there are sentiments liked by the family audience.

Verdict ? Average

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