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Friday 23 May 2014

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Yash, Amoolya, Ananthnag, Srinivasaprabhu

Rocking star Yash has done it again and has delivered his best with Gajakesari and it?s indeed a high-quality movie by debutante Krishna as a director after a huge experience as a cinematographer.

The fifth combo of Yash and Jayanna-Bhogendra, Gajakesari is a neatly sketched story and a well executed script with good visuals forms the entire package of the movie and it is due to this the movie makes the audiences stick on to their seats until the end. Krishna alias Kittappa has chosen a perfect subject for his debut directorial and good quality movies can be expected from the cinematographer turned director in the coming days.

The plot revolves around a happy go lucky guy Krishna, with modern thoughts on his mind and represents today?s cool generation. He lives in a tribal village and belongs to a customary family. He has very few friends and his relationship with Arjuna, the elephant is a very special one.

Amoolya?s entry into the routine life of our handsome hunk creates some interesting twists in Krishna?s life. Amoolya who is a researcher comes to the village from the city and few encounters between the lead pairs draws them closer. Along with this there is also a main track of the movie which shows Ananthnag in the form of Matadhipathi who would want Krishna to be his successor, but Krishna is against this. What is the reason behind this motive? If the matadhipathi has any evil plans behind this? If Krishna will be forced to become the matadhipathi or will escape from this is the interesting part of the movie and is definitely worth a watch.

There are many action packed scenes which showcase the fighting skills of the Rocking star Yash and nobody could have done this better than him. Amoolya for the first time in her glam doll avatar looks stunning and her performance is definitely impressive and the audience can find her chirping all the while.

It?s the elephant Arjuna that is the highlight of the movie and we see a special bonding of the elephant with our lead hero. Ananthnag in his religious avatar and Sadhu Kokila and Rangayana Raghu in their comic timing are the best suitable for their roles and give you a laughter challenge. V.Harikrishna?s music had already been appreciated by the audience and now the visuals are absolutely perfect for the audio.

With his debut directorial Krishna has shown maturity in the script while he has also made sure the entertainment angle is not affected. Satya Hegde?s wide captures of the visuals are a feast to eyes and flows well with the scenes. Gajakesari has definitely opened up to a gajakesari yoga to the film makers of the movie and has all the essence required for a blockbuster.

Go get entertained this weekend with Gajakesari.

Verdict: Entertaining

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