Ganagandharvan review: A dull affair

Mammootty's Ganagandharvan is okay in parts

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Monday 30 September 2019

Movie Title

Ganagandharvan review: A dull affair


Ramesh Pisharody

Star Cast

Mammootty, Vandita Manoharan

There is a scene in director Ramesh Pisharody’s Ganagandharvan where a lady consumes poison. A guy see her fainting and since he is a comedian, he keeps cracking jokes while taking her to the hospital and even when she is in the ICU.

Well, this should give a fair idea about what to expect from this one.

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Kalasadhan Ullas (Mammootty) is part of a small ganamela troupe.

To make matters worse, he is arrested during one of his performances and the flashback reveals the trap where he has landed.

In all fairness, there is a fine idea here that is worth a story, but the way the script has been written and packaged makes this one a rather dull affair.

Add to this the prejudice of the writers as they get on a mission “in support of men”, who have been victims of “wily acts from women”. There is one female character who proudly argues that attack is the best defense and that she can get away with anything as she is a woman. Do you find hard to believe all these? It is actually true!

Mammootty performs with total dedication but even the genius actor can’t save this one. As the end titles start rolling, you feel sorry for an actor like Mammootty, who is trying really hard to make this one convincing.

The rest of the cast are mostly acting as if they are part of some comedy skits and hams it up in a big way.

If you are the kind who found the director’s maiden venture Panchavarnathatha to be really funny, Ganagandharvan could be okay in parts.

Verdict: Average

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