Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 27 June 2015

Movie Title



Prabhu Srinivas

Star Cast

Santhosh, Priyanka, Petrol Prasanna

'Ganapa' apparently comes with two taglines that have been extensively used throughout the movie! One states 'Andu Kariya, Indu Ganapa' which indicates that the movie is a sequel to Prem's Kariya; another tagline states that the one who lives for more than 40 years is not a rowdy at all. 

The second tagline has been used widely throughout the movie! Thanks to the dialogue writer, who has managed to make up with this dialogue when the hero had nothing more to say!

Ganapa (Santosh) is an innocent (?)well, the director is totally confused here!) man who accidentally saves the life of underworld goon Jayanna. Jayyana's only son Arun is in Jail, after he was found guilty for murdering a police officer. So Jayanna is impressed by Ganapa and hence he chooses him to be his 'right hand'. Ganapa smashes everyone who tries to attack Jayanna, which results in Ganapa becoming stronger in the 'field'. Ganapa recites the dialogue 'the one who lives for more than 40 years isn't rowdy at all'for the 'n’ th time and kills the one and only strongest enemy of Jayanna- Muttanna.

During one of the days, Ganapa accidentally finds a phone, which belongs to Bindu(Priyanaka); however the duo tries to meet each other to return the phone but in vain. But since they talk to each other every single day, they fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, Arun is released from Jail and Ganapa is told that Arun went to jail because of a girl; so is it the same girl Ganapa is dating or the film has a bigger twist? Well, watch it on silver screen!

The biggest flaw in these 'underworld' story oriented films is the glorification of crime and criminals and Ganapa too does the same. Efforts of police officers are completely ignored in the verge of glorifying the crime and criminals, which is unfortunate.

Santosh has done a pretty decent job as an actor. Priyanka too is impressive on screen; however lack of screen space results in audience forgetting about the leading lady immediately after coming out of the theatres. 

Director Prabhu Srinivas has served the old wine in new bottle, which may not be liked by everyone. Karan B Krupa's music is just about average and none of the songs are worth humming. Background score is too loud at some places, which is rather irritating than fear inducing! 
Overall Ganapa an average movie and can be watched once if you are an adherent 'underworld story oriented' movie fan!

Verdict: Average

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