Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 05 April 2009

Movie Title



K.Rajiv Prasad

Star Cast

Premkumar, Sara, Ananthnag, Ramesh Bhat, Kokila Mohan

Premkumar the lovely star shines once again while debutant K Rajiv Prasad wins in the neat and tidy family film. The film is a remake of Suresh Krissna?s ?Aha? made in Telugu but it has not lost the freshness. The screenplay holds the attention till the end and it is a fairly entertaining drama made film by Synergy Images in the first venture.

Gautham (Premkumar) is labeled as a useless in the joint family by his father but others in the family are not ready to accept. It is because for every problem Gautham takes the onus and save the rest of the family members. Gautham falls in love with Janaki (Sara Alambara) and his father is not happy. At this point the director gives a deviation to the film by introducing Geetha, Gautham?s brother Raghuram?s mistress. It is Gautham who takes up responsibility in admitting a sick Geetha to the hospital as she is suffering from brain tumor in the absence of Raghuram.

The father is enraged and suspects Gautham. Further suspicion mounts up when Raghuram do not turn up for his sister?s wedding and declared dead in a railway accident. Rest you have to watch it on screen.

Premkumar excels in this emotion filled role. In dance he is impressive and good costumes add up to his role. Ananthnag, Ramesh Bhat and Sudharani look apt for the roles. Kokila Mohan looks jaded. Sara Alambara is quite OK, Kausalya has nothing much to do.

Gurukiran is good in three tunes for the film and the other beauty of the film is the camera work by Sudhakar. Every frame of the film is gleeful.

This is an above average film.

Verdict: Above Average

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