Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 06 September 2010

Movie Title



Praven Sri

Star Cast

Jagapathi Babu, Vimala Raman, Kota, Kota Prasad, Tannikella

The sequel to a movie is considered a double-edged sword. There is bound to be a comparison between the prequel and its sequel and this is amply applicable to any venture, and Gayam-II is not an exception. Though the movie raked up tremendous openings, the audiences started juxtaposing it clearly with Gayam (1993), and this led to a wave of disappointment at the trade front.

Gayam-II, in the combination of Jagapathi Babu and RGV?s prot?g? Praveen, rolls on at snail?s pace, just without a start at all. Screenplay and narration lagged behind, testing the patience of the audience.

Set in the backdrop of Thailand, Ram (Jagapathi Babu) is a happy go lucky father, with a beautiful wife Vidya (Vimala Raman) and a colt-like son. But, following an unexpected incident, one Gurunarayana (Kota) from Hyderabad comes to Thailand, searching for Ram, who gets flashed in the media. They reveal that Ram is not Ram, but Durga (the protagonist played by Jagapathi in Gayam-I) and make plans to kill him. Now, the former Durga (present Ram) reaches Hyderabad and takes on his original avatar. He gets ready to annihilate the left-out rivals of his past. How does his innocent wife respond and what happened to his son? It forms the crux of the film.

The film has its thread from the Hollywood thriller History of Violence. Though the return of Durga ? ostensibly the original theme ? did not reveal itself till the interval bang. Till that time, the director tries to test the patience of the audience with wilted comedy and comical villainy ? both being no match to the Gayam-I. This way, the story is a non-starter, with slow narration and a reluctant screenplay. Coming to the second half, the villain suddenly slips into passivism after reaching the plank of blood-boiling revenge. The action episodes thereafter have no relevance at all, though the composition is superb.

But, Jagapathi Babu as an actor is infallible, showing a lot of maturity ? going by the sequel?s situation ? the transformation of Durga into Ram and looking back again into the past. Vimala Raman is sensuous and appealing from the start to finish. Kota too is extremely well in his role, while his son Kota Prasad (who died recently) makes the audience think for a while ? what a superb actor, whose life is cut short! Tannikella?s role as Lawyer Sab had just carried through his prequel?s job here.

Technically, the film has its brilliant shades. The dialogues are impressive in retail, but paling out wholesome. Music score disproportionate to the known levels of supremacy of maestro Ilayaraja; lackluster songs; good but not out of the way costumes; scope-less editing; dashing cinematography ? is all about Gayam-II. The audience given to compare the two ventures would definitely be sucked into the vortex of disappointment.

Verdict: Average

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