Geetha Govindam Review: Watch it for Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda is charismatic as Govind in Geetha Govindam

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Movie Title

Geetha Govindam Review: Watch it for Vijay Deverakonda



Star Cast

Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Subbaraju, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna, Annapurnamma


Govind (Vijay) a lecturer in an engineering college wants a wife who can understand him without him blurting out what he wants. Much like how Sukanya understood Kamal Haasan in Bharateeyudu. When he sees the beauty, Geetha (Rashmika) in a temple, he decides she’s the one he is looking for. While he is travelling to his home town Kakinada to attend the engagement ceremony of his sister, Geetha sits beside him in the bus. Accidentally, he kisses her in the bus and Geetha misunderstands him to be a Romeo and calls her brother (Subbaraju) to kill this guy. In a twist, her brother turns out to be the fiance of Govind’s sister. Both Geetha and Govind are now bava and maradalu. Will Geetha forgive him? Can Govind prove that he’s innocent?

From the title itself, Geetha Govindam made it clear that the film is all about Geetha and Govindam, the two young lovers, their romance, their petty issues, misunderstandings, etc. An oft-repeated wafer-thin plotline, no doubt. Director Parusaram who earlier made films like Yuvatha, Anjaneyulu, Saarochcharu and Srirastu Subhamastu has shown that he is good at writing the characterisations, dialogues and engaging screenplay. He has not attempted any novel storylines or plot ideas so far. Similarly, his latest film Geetha Govindham has a regular story but has engaging narration filled with fun moments.

Fresh pairing and charismatic actors do wonders to the regular story when the director squeezes good output from them. This is what works in Geetha Govindam as it is more about the fun moments and sarcasm between these two lead actors than the story. Vijay Deverakonda steals the show.

Rashmika is perfect jodi for him. Vijay Deverakonda brings certain youthful verve to his regular character. His sincerity and honesty holds the moments. Rashmika shines in the later part of the movie. The film is all about them and they pull off so well. They also look beautiful as a pair.

Moreover, the director has added fun quotient throughout. Rahul Ramakrishna who is the main reason for the ‘accidental kiss’ provides some laugh out loud moments. Vennela Kishore does the honors of bringing laughs in the final portions.

However, director Parasuram has included lot of routine scenes and has not shot the songs well. The first half also seems lengthy. The film definitely needs lot of trimming.

Vijay Deverakonda is turning out to be a versatile actor, he has showcased another angle in this movie. He is quite good in this role that is a quite regular character. He is charismatic. Rashmika as said earlier is beautiful and comes up with good performance.

Naga Babu as father (his voice is dubbed by another artiste) is just okay. Subbaraju gets prominent character and he is sincere. Both comedians have done so well. Annpurnamma is good. Nithya Menen and Anu Emmanuel in their guest roles have added star value.

The film has terrific music tracks. Gopi Sunder has given three super catchy tunes including the Youtube sensation "Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavale". The other two numbers ‘Vachchindamma’ and “Yenti Yenti” are also beautiful. Music is its major strength. The emotional song sung by Gopi Sunder in the final portion is also good.

As writer and director, Parasuram has shown his mark in screenplay. He has pulled off this regular romantic drama well.

Geetha Govindam is a light romantic drama with fun moments, killer music track, and right chemistry between the lead pair but it doesn't add anything new to this genre. Though the storyline is quite old, it provides enough time-pass entertainment. Watch it for entertaining scenes, for Vijay Deverakonda's charismatic presence and Rashmika's character and performance. What more do you want (Inkem Inkem Kavale?) from a commercial entertainer?

Geetha Govindam review: 3.25 stars

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