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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 15 April 2002

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Vikram,Kiran,Kalabhavan Mani

By Moviebiz

Saran is back with his favourite rowdy theme in AVM?s Gemini. However he thinks that the audience are dimwits as he shoves them into a bottomless pit. Neither exciting nor absorbing Gemini is as hackneyed as they get.

The formulaic plot focuses on Gemini (Vikram) an up and rising goon who operates out of a workshop. He crosses sword with Teja who is another dada (Kalabhavan Mani) over a real estate dispute. This creates a law and order problem as both the goons try to take control of the same area. Gemini the Good Samaritan once tries to save an autorickshaw driver from a Marwadi moneylender of Sowcarpet. He meets and falls in love with the seth?s daughter Manisha Natwarlal (Kiran) a bouncy and vivacious girl. She forces the hero (who has not even gone to school!) to join evening college with her. A new DGP (Murali) comes to the city and pledges to clean up the city of goons and thugs. Gemini and Teja are taken into custody and later sent back as they are given one last chance to reform. Gemini decides to turn a new leaf but he is suspended from college, and Manisha too rejects him. The DGP intervenes and helps Gemini to get back into college and even fixes his marriage with Manisha(?).But the society including Teja does not leave him and this leads to a bloody climax.

Saran should be blamed for this inept movie, which has no storyline and has scant regard for logic or sense. The major drawback of the film is the cast where Vikram as Gemini is unimpressive as the pan chewing ?dada?. Debutant Kiran is promising. Kalabhavan Mani an excellent actor hams as he plays a villain who imitates animal mannerisms and sounds. Top character actor Murali is also wasted in the film. The comedy track and the ?Thai?sentiment of Manorama are outdated and nauseating. However the major drawback is that the whole film was shot inside AVM studio, but for the two Switzerland songs. The only saving grace in the otherwise utterly lamebrain film is the music of Bharadwaj.

Verdict : Trash

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