Genius review: This film doesn't go beyond the usual cliches!

Director Suseenthiran wanted to talk about a serious issue in Genius, but the way he dealt with it is insensitive and illogical

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

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Genius review: This film doesn't go beyond the usual cliches!



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Roshan, Priya Lal, Aadukalam Naren, Meera

Director Suseenthiran is back with Genius, a film on how a young boy is pressured by his dad since childhood to always be the school topper and when he grows up, by his boss to reach targets! The man is on the verge of breakdown and depression.

Dinesh(Roshan) is a bright kid who loves to hang out at his grandad’s place and play with his friends. Everything goes well until Dinesh’s dad (Aadukalam Naren) finds out that his son is a topper in each and every competition in school right from studies to sports. From that day, Dinesh is pressurized by his overbearing dad to focus only on studies!

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Dinesh grows up to be a loner and now it is his boss who gives him targets that are difficult to achieve and the pressure results in a brain freeze and he goes into a suicidal shell. The psychiatrist tells his parents that it is stress and lack of sleep that caused this condition and prescribes rest and relaxation. Will Dinesh comes back to normalcy?

The biggest problem with Genius is that we cannot relate with the protagonist, his issues and the manner in which it is dealt. Suseenthiran wanted to talk about a serious issue but the way in which he has dealt the issue is insensitive and illogical.

We are unable to believe that the filmmaker who gave us gems like Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, Naan Mahan Alla, Azhagar Saamyin Kuthirai and Pandiya Naadu has to take more effort to come up with good content and presentation.

The first half of the Genius has few watchable moments including the village episode of Roshan’s childhood days and scenes depicting how a dad tortures his son. But the second half is a complete mess as he shows that the remedy for mental disorder is to spend time with a sex worker who by the way has a back story! Hero Roshan cannot act and looks wooden while Aadukalam Naren shines.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music and background score is a major attraction. RB Gurudev’s camera captures the lush green locales of Palani and surrounding villages. The short runtime (98 minutes) is another advantage for the film. But at the end of it, we wonder how a film like this was made in the first place?

Genius review - Verdict: Average

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