Georgettan’s Pooram review- Dileep’s presence and his excellent comic timing works here.

Georgettan’s Pooram review- Packaged mainly for fans of Dileep

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 02 April 2017

Movie Title

Georgettan’s Pooram review- Dileep’s presence and his excellent comic timing works here.


K Biju

Star Cast

Dileep, Rajisha Vijayan

It’s made clear pretty early on that director K Biju’s Georgettan’s Pooram is a comedy and not one to be taken too seriously.

The story is happening in Thrissur and begins with a flashback, where there is a mention about a Kabaddi player named Mathai who was part of the Indian team that won the gold medal in Beijing Asian Games. The sportsman donates some land for a playground for the benefit of the locals.

George (Dileep) is the son of a priest, played by Renji Panicker. He has been fooling around with his gang of three other friends from the neighbourhood and they are always seen in the ground.

The first half develops with some funny episodes from the lives of the friends that keeps you engaged. George falls for Merlin (Rajisha Vijayan), whom he meets for the first time during a funeral ceremony. He reveals his feelings for her, but she is studying to become a nun.

The story goes through an altogether different turn when the sportsman’s son comes to claim the ownership of the playground. This results into starting a kabaddi team, with George as the leader. From then on the film take a serious turn as a sports drama.

The director has packaged the laughs and the serious moments in an entertaining way. Though the writing could have been better, it is Dileep’s presence and his excellent comic timing that works here.

Dileep is in fine form as he performs his role with total dedication. It is quite a challenge to look convincing as a kabaddi player and the hero does it well. Rajisha has a limited role to play.

Georgettan’s Pooram is aimed mainly at the fans of Dileep’s style. It could have been more enjoyable with a better script and lesser length, but in the current form this one qualifies as a masala entertainer. Go for it!

Georgettan’s Pooram review-Verdict: Entertaining

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