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Friday 15 January 2016

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Udhay, Amy,Sathyaraj, Vikranth

Thirukumaran’s Gethu is a poor cousin of his guru AR Murugadoss films. The problem is that if Murugadoss thinks big and execute it in a large canvass, his former assistant has limited ideas.

Sethu (Udhay) is a librarian, who is a teetotaler and pure vegetarian. Life goes well till Sethu’s intrepid father (Sathyaraj) earns the enmity of a local wine shop owner (Mime Gopi, IM Vijayan). When Mime Gopi is found dead, police finds Sathyaraj’s ring in his hand and arrests him. In order to clear his father’s name, Sethu has to find the real murderer and luckily a cigarette lighter from police evidence gives him the much needed bait to find the killer.

At one point of time, Sethu finds out that Bull (Vikranth), a sniper is the real murderer and his motto is to kill India’s most wanted scientist. Now Sethu must stop Bull and bring him before the law to save his father…

As a story, Gethu is definitely interesting to read and listen but there is hardly any sparkling moments in the film. As said earlier, the crime elements are very silly that we do not feel the thrills and instead things move at a leisure pace and tests our patience.

Sathyaraj has once again given his best as a fearless father while Udhay has tried his hands to become an action hero. Although one of the fight sequences is convincing, Udhay has to work hard to be a convincing action hero. Amy looks cute as usual but in this film, she looks alien while Vikranth looks menacing as the baddie.

Gethu’s biggest strength is Sukumar’s glossy visuals, which has given international feel to the film. Harris’ songs are hummable and catchy. Overall, Gethu is an average film from Thirukumaran, which seriously tests your patience!

Verdict: Average

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