Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 06 January 2014

Movie Title



Dayal Padmanabhan

Star Cast

Malasri, Roopika, Suchendra Prasad, Asish Vidyarthi,

Long gone are the days when Malashri would dance around the trees clad in a saree, today she is known for her tough roles that are stuffed with some volatile actions. Malashri?s previous movies 'Veera' and 'Elections' had a poor show in 2013, so there was a lot of expectation with 'Gharshane' which was 2014?s first release.

'Gharshane', like any other Malashri movie is packed with action. Even though it?s a remake of Tamil movie 'Yudham Sei', the director has tweeked it quite a lot to suit our action girl. The original movie had a male cop helplessly trying to solve this complicated case but in the Kannada version we have the leading lady playing the toughest cop on the scene. Plot keeps the audience hooked.

Nethravathi played by Malashri is a CCB officer who is on the lookout to find her missing sister Anjali played by Roopika. While Anjali ends up as a victim of a sex scandal, there are pairs of chopped ends turning up in the city. Both she and her team are stuck trying to solve the toughest case of their life and no matter how hard they try they end up circling in loops with no trace of the culprits. Nethravathi then releases the involvement of senior cops in the scandal and in the course ends up clashing with her own department.

Though Malashri doesn?t exactly don khaki throughout the film, but she does succeed in playing the cop role to its perfection. She plays a very calm and composed officer who performs some dare devil stunts. The stunts may not be that impressive, neither are the song sequences which happen out of nowhere. Be it the famous remix version of 'Olage Seridare Gundu....' or the rest of the songs in the movie, they all just seem distracting in the movie?s plot. The suspense element of the movie is quite gripping and the plot keeps the audience hooked and booked in their seats. Kudo?s to the director for his clutching narration and a solid screenplay.

Ashish Vidyarthi is seen in a positive role and gives his best and even Roopika does well in her small but powerful role. Sai Kumar?s youngest brother Ayyappa who is also a director has played a role of a villain in this movie. He may not be on par with his brother when it comes to playing the villain but he does manage to stand out in this negative role. The movie as a whole leaving aside the untimely song sequences is quite enticing and is filled with loads of suspense elements.

Verdict: Average

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