Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 11 November 2013

Movie Title



Shaji Kailas

Star Cast

Jayaram, Mukta

Director Shaji Kailas, known for quite a few well made action films in the past, decides to try comedy with his latest film, Ginger.

We are in for a real shock pretty early when Vivekanandan (Jayaram), accused in multiple cheque frauds, is made to cut vegetables and fish by a magistrate as he listens to his confession! Now, if you are the kind who can laugh watching this buffoonery, well, you can sit through this film for some minutes before catching migraine.

Vivekanandan had to shoulder the responsibilities of his family, which makes him do all the misdeeds. He gets cheated by all and being the hero, he suffers it all with a smile. And when he is chased by those whom he owes money, Vivekanandan just decide to run a marathon on the streets. (Remember Jayaram's similar run in the yesteryear hit Pattabhishekam?)

Then start all the twists and turns. By the time the story reaches the semi paralyzed character played by Suresh Krishna and the womanizer played by Kailash, you will be dead tired.

The only thing that will remain in your mind as you sit bewildered in the theatre would be on how did scenarist Rajesh Jayaraman convince the producer, the cast and crew that made them all go ahead to make a film with this pathetic story?

Jayaram, who had taken a hiatus from the industry after repeated failures, seems to have learnt no lessons from his past experiences. There is no commitment to be seen on screen from anyone, which includes the actors as well.

Ginger is an example of shoddy filmmaking. The sad part is that the satellite rights, which are distributed based on the number of stars in each film, could make even this misadventure earn enough money!

For everyone out there who were disappointed with this film, go demand your money back from Shaji Kailas if you run into him on the street. Let them earn money or not, why should the viewers suffer in the bargain?

Verdict: Avoid

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