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Friday 03 July 2009

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Pa. Vijay, Sreedevikha

With an evocative title like Gnabagangal, one would have expected a heart warming and nostalgic film that will pull at your heart strings.

Sadly Pa Vijay and his director Jeevan lets us down with a film that looks mothballed, a plot which is truly ancient and a presentation which is amateurish.

The story is as old as the hills, and it is hard to believe that it is based on a real life experience of Vijay?s friend during his struggling dates. There is no logic and reason in Vijay?s story, as it is screeching, sentimental, soap style, over the top melodrama suited more for the Tamil stage of the 50?s.

Kathiravan (Vijay), a noted poet and lyric writer gets a National award from the President for one of his film songs. Next day he travels to Haridwar to catch up with his old lover and neighbor Meera (Sreedevika), a North Indian girl in whose house in Chennai he stayed with his friend during his early days.

Due to quirk of fate their marriage did not take place, and she is forced to marry a diamond merchant who later commits suicide due to his mounting debts.

And when the old lovers meet Meera behaves strangely and still pretends that her husband is alive and she is leading a happy life. Kathiravan also is tongue tied and does not open up his hidden feelings of love.

The film moves back and forth as the lovers rooted in present day travel back to revive their memories and sing songs. Finally the audiences are relieved of their 2 hours 15 minutes of agony, as the story reaches a very predictable mushy climax in front of the universally acclaimed monument of love, Taj Mahal in Agra.

This sob, sob, sob story is outdated and there is nothing new in it. To sound polite, Pa Vijay is better off as a lyric writer, while Sreedevika hams. There are six songs in the film which are not well placed and at times slow down an already drab story. Perhaps SPB?s ?Gnabagangal illeyo en thozhi..? prior to the climax is the only silver lining in otherwise a dull and boring movie.

End Result? Loads of unnecessary tears and tedious heartbreaks on screen for Pa Vijay and Sreedevika, leaving the audiences exasperated and tired.

Verdict: Below Average

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