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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 08 March 2015

Movie Title



Soorya Gowda

Star Cast

Komal Kumar, Tharun Chandra, Srikanth, Sharmila Mandre

The story is a journey of three so called ‘useless’ boys from a village to Goa, who are in search of life, love and career. Komal Kumar, Tharun Chandra, Srikanth are childhood friends, who are noted for their notorious behaviour in the village. 

The three leave the village overnight and reach Bangalore to spend some time in the city. They decide to stay at Srikanth’s friend Bullet Prakash’s place and on the day of their arrival, they realise it’s his marriage and hence go to the marriage hall. 

The three will be shocked to see an unattractive man like Bullet Prakash marrying a fair-skinned beautiful foreigner. Bullet Prakash tells them that Goa is the place to meet the right match and hence the three decide to travel to Goa. 

In Goa, Komal meets Rachel, Tharun Chandra meets Sonu Gowda and Srikanth meets Sharmila Mandre. The three will not only meet their prospective brides but will have a total image makeover. The fun-filled journey forms the rest of the story. 

Also, there are two very special cameo appearances in the film, which we would not like to unveil and spoil the fun! Apart from these there are a couple of ‘gay jokes’ that one needs to watch out for!   

The movie is a typical commercial entertainer with rib-tickling comedy and journey of three couples. Apart from comedy, the movie also has action and a subtle lover story, which balances the narration. 

Music is just about average, looks like music is in fact ignored, keeping the original theme song in the fore. Dialogues are the biggest plus for the film, and at places the dialogues have been literally translated from Tamil. Director Sooraj Gowda’s efforts are appreciable as one gets to see a beautiful casino in a Kannada film, after a very long time. 

Komal and Tharun have performed well; however, Srikanth needs some acting classes to polish his skills. Rachel is just there for few scenes and her Kannada sounds too cute for her. Sharmila Mandre steals the show with her looks, while Sonu Gowda’s changeover of image in the film is fun to watch out for!

Overall the movie is entertaining and a one-time watch.

Verdict: Entertainer


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