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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 30 January 2010

Movie Title



Venkat Prabhu

Star Cast

Premji, Jai, Vaibhav, Melanie, Pia, Sneha

The laugh is on us. Venkat Prabhu operates on the belief that having funny people on screen is enough to get laughs. He simply has no story to tell, just some funny village bumpkins on a trip to Goa and their misadventures.

First and foremost it's an excruciatingly predictable fare with no story and at 2 hours and 45 minutes, it's a laboriously long, and truly a test of your patience. The humour is ordinary and frankly, there is not even a single scene that makes you smile. Confusion piles up as the proceedings meanders to a climax inside a ship cum casino which is downright silly.

Saamikannu (Premji), Vinayagam (Jai) and Ramraj ( Vaibhav ) three friends who have never seen the world beyond their small village near Theni. They loot the local temple of its jewellery and set off initially to Madurai where they encounter a long lost friend who got married to a foreigner he met in Goa and is leaving for London!

Our mad caps change their plans and leave for Goa, thinking that they too can fall in love with a white woman and settle abroad! They reach the promised land of beaches and ladies in bikinis and soon get entangled with Jack (Aravind Akash) and Danny (Sampath) two gays who run a resort in Goa. Saami fall hook line and sinker for a white girl (Melanie Marie), Vijay for a night club singer Roshni (Piaa) and Ram for Suhasini (Sneha) a very rich girl who runs a casino.

Goa is nowhere near Venkat?s earlier films like the smartly packaged Chennai 28 and Saroja which relied on a sharp script to deliver. Goa doesn?t work because it's hard to empathize with any of the characters and the lead actors fail to rise above the flawed script.Did Venkat want to make a spoof on Tamil cinema as there are so many instances where he makes fun of our super heroes like Vijay?s stunt scenes from Vettaikaran?

The comedy in the film might warrant no more than a chuckle. Sure some of the humor is dotty and engaging. But only just about. All the three love stories fail to ignite, and the song Kangal Irandal? has been used in many other films recently when they want to show love at first sight!

Among the three madcap characters, the director has given the maximum screen space to his brother Premji, who has fully utilized it though some of his actions and punchlines are being repeated again. Jai pretends to be the savviest guy and speaks in a strange cocktail of Tamil and English and delivers a few genuinely gut busters. Vaibhav is just ok but it is Sampath who is the surprise packet as Danny the gay, it is one of his best roles till date. His gay innuendos raise chortles. The three girls have precious little to do. Piaa looks cute and is promising. Yuvan?s music cannot save the film.

The film rightly deserves an ?A? certificate. There are glaring continuity problems with the film. The guy who comes as a Goa police officer at interval point suddenly appears as a customs officer in the climax! The film needs urgent trimming, especially the second half. The Venkat Prabhu ?holiday? is not a very pleasant experience.

Verdict: Tedious

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