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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 30 November 2009

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Vijay Raghavendra, Yash, Raghuraj, Pawan, Pooja Gandhi, Nakshatra

The film drags big time, in the second half and the predictable ending is what makes reputed director Prakash ?Gokula? very ordinary fare. The beginning is good the middle order is passable but the final reels are very boring.

Four orphans (Vijay Raghavendra as Raja, Yash as N Raja, Raghuraj as Shankar and Pawan as Guru) indulge in duping others to earn to support their education. N Raja manages to charm the landlords (Kote Prabhakar) daughter Mahalakshmi (Nakshatra) while Raja manages to grab the attention of a medical student Leela (Pooja Gandhi).

The two girls provide them with free food and money, an arrangement the four orphans are content to live with. Elderly couple (Srinivas Murthy and Sumithra) who see the image of their son in Raja is what makes life easier for the foursome. The orphans begin to utilise the love showered on them but the promise they make for Kale (Ravi Kale), a local toughie to get the couple to sell their old house further complicate the proceedings. Kale turns to violent means to get the house when the foursome change their minds and protect it. After a melodrama the foursome realizes the mistakes they have done.

The four guys Vijaya Raghavendra, Yash, Raghuraj and Pawan have done a good job. Pooja Gandhi looks plum and it is a routine role for her. Nakshatra daughter of star couple director D Rajendra Babu and actress Sumithra strikes in a small role. The veterans Srinivasamurthy and Sumithra give a touching performance. Ravi Kaale is apt.

Mano Murthy prominence to music and lyrics in some places is not heard. Yet the two songs ? Aramage Iddhe Naanu?and Neene Helu nannadhavudhu are well sung for the lyrics of Jayanth Kaikini.

Verdict: Below Average

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