Golisoda 2 review:A fairly engaging entertainer

It is unfair to compare Goli Soda-2 with the first part

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 15 June 2018

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Golisoda 2 review:A fairly engaging entertainer


Vijay Milton

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Imagine Goli Soda with the three youngsters who are waiting for the right opportunity to go to the next level, three villains who try to push them down again and a failed old man who guides them throughout their life?

Maran (Bharath Seeni) is a loyal driver to the North Chennai gangster Thuraimugam Thilai (Chemban Vinodh Jose), and he decides to leave his job for the sake of his ladylove Inba (Subiksha).Oli (Esaki Bharath) is a basketball player who works in a local parotta shop and aims to win a local tournament so that he can get a job in the nearby factory but his love with an upper caste girl Madhi (Krisha) creates havoc. There is a unique auto driver Siva(Vinoth) who has swiping machine in his vehicle and even offer wifi to his customers. When Siva tries to buy a new car, a loan shark kicks him down. Interestingly the lives of all these youngsters are somehow interlinked with the three villains and a matured ex-policeman (Samuthirakani). Will these three guys get back their identities and chase their dreams by crushing the unbeatable baddies?

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Vijay Milton takes his own time to establish the characters but once the main conflict comes into action, things start moving at rapid pace. The intermission gives the perfect push and sets the stage for protagonist to revolt back. Post interval, the film is filled with plenty of action sequences. But the major drawback is that unlike the first part, the stunt scenesare over-the-top and not realistic. The first fight involving the three heroes is impressive but after that, Milton has fallen back on cinematic liberty and conveniently placed these mass action scenes by playing with the emotion of audiences. However, the stunts could've been better, because the impact created by the climax action in the original is missing here.

But as said earlier, we root for the three protagonists so when they hit back, this cinematic cliches can be excused. Performance wise, the three heroes are just okay and among them, Esaki Bharath shines. The supporting cast is super strong in Goli Soda 2 with strong performers like Samuthirakani, Rohini, and Chemban. Gautham Menon's special cameo as a cop is another attraction in the film.

The editing style of Deepak deserves applause, the split screen format, his ability to narrate the three stories coherently is another positive aspect of the film. Vijay Milton's camera travels with the characters that their minute movements have also been authentically captured. Achu Rajamani's songs are already big hits, the composer also scored  with his re-recording and intriguing theme music. The dialogues and criticisms are against the system but it sounds preachy in many places.

It is unfair to compare Goli Soda-2 with the first part. On the whole, this is a fairly engaging mass entertainer, as the director has once again retained the emotional essence which worked big time in the first part.

Golisoda 2 review: Verdict - Engaging mass entertainer

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Sidhu @sidhuwrites

#GoliSoda2 Interval: Progressing well. Three stories converge, the conflict is slowly but steadily introduced by Milton. Let the action begin.

Prashanth Rangaswamy @itisprashanth
#GoliSoda2 interval - Normal peoples life told in a normal way using normal people as stars. 3 stories converging beautifully in the interval. @vijaymilton has made a movie from his heart. I hope the second half will be as good as the first.

Rajasekar @sekartweets
#Golisoda2 - The essence is same as in the original. Though things start off slowly to establish the characters, tempo raises towards the intermission. The stage is set for the three protagonists to revolt and get back the identity. Engaging

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac
#Golisoda2 1st half - Engaging content. Solid interval block when the conflicts build up in dramatic fashion. 3 main young lead characters and their lives, with noteworthy support characters. They wish to progress in life but the going is tough! Technically good. @vijaymilton

Haricharan Pudipeddi @pudiharicharan
Just like the first part, action elevates #Golisoda2 to emerge as a racy, relevant story of an underdog versus the world. Two terrific action stretches makes the viewing experience stand out.

Surendhar MK @SurendharMK
#Golisoda2 Pleasantly surprised by @menongautham's brief cameo in the first few minutes. He's got an attractive screen presence. And he plays a cop. Turned out to be a cakewalk

anish padman @anish_6666
#GoliSoda2 Dear @vijaymilton tat was a grt film.Applause every scene especially the POLICESTATION(God)dialogue goosebumps moments.Kani sir,chembenvinod,lead stars nailed their parts @menongautham screenpresenc class.@achurajamani bro BGM was MASS.
Grt message told n MILTONS styl

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