Gorilla review: If you like mindless comedies, give it a try!

Gorilla review: If you like mindless comedies, give it a try!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 13 July 2019

Movie Title

Gorilla review: If you like mindless comedies, give it a try!


Don Sandy

Star Cast

Jiiva, Shalini Pandey, Radha Ravi, Sathish, Vivek Prasanna

Director Don Sandy seems to be inspired from Hollywood bank heist thrillers ( the protagonists decide to rob a bank by watching blockbuster heist films). The film works mainly because of a cheerful chimpanzee which is undeniably the biggest USP and it also brings in a fresh angle to the heist thrillers we have seen so far.

Four youngsters (Fraudulent doctor Jiiva, jobless engineer Sathish, aspiring actor Vivek Prasanna and struggling farmer Aruvi Madhan) have one common problem, they all are desperate for money. To become rich and say goodbye to their mundane lives filled with financial needs,  they  decide to rob a bank. A pet Chimpanzee also join the gang as they consider him as their trump card to rob the bank. Can these amateurs pull off this heinous crime?

While Hollywood bank heist thrillers are known the realistic approach, Gorilla got the Kollywood masala flavors mixed in right proportions. Yes, Don Sandy has added the emotional farmers angle to the film so that the masses will get connected and it also gives room for the protagonists to get away. While the film provides adequate entertainment, logic goes for a toss and the intelligence of the audiences has been taken for granted.

It's a cake walk role for Jiiva who as usual scores well in the comedy department and the local Chennai Tamil comes in handy. Comedy trio Sathish, Yogi Babu and Vivek Prasanna provide funny moments throughout. As said earlier, the Chimpanzee is the biggest highlight of the film but the director has only used it to an extent. We only wish, Don Sandy make use of the Chimp angle more.

Technically, the film lacks production value which is required for a heist thriller but conveniently, the team has chosen a small unimpressive bank. Cinematography by RB Gurudev is strictly functional and Sam CS' work is just okay. Though there is no forced romantic track, the film looks tad too long for a heist thriller and the team should have tighten the script by avoiding needless scenes and logic loopholes.

Overall, Gorilla may be a watchable heist thriller if you like mindless comedies.

Gorilla review: Heist thriller

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