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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 05 July 2008

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V R Pratap

Star Cast

Rajasekhar, Meera Jasmine, Arthi Agarwal, Akash, Sujitha

Mega Super Good Films is a banner, which is known for churning out family based entertainers. Dr Rajasekhar, who once earned the image of an angry young man image, has deviated to play soft and family-oriented roles in recent times. Earlier, he has played hero in ?Simharasi? for the same banner and another interesting aspect is that the team always believe in remaking successful films from other languages which are safe bets.

This time they chose ?Anna Thangi?, a successful sentimental tear-jerker in Kannada and decided to remake it in Telugu. The Telugu audiences are known for welcoming brother-sister sentiment and it was a proven fact right from the days of NTR-Savitri (Rakta Sambandham) till date.

Ashok (Rajasekhar) and Lakshmi(Meera Jasmine) are inseparable brother and sister. Both of them love each other more than their own life. Akash falls in love with Lakshmi and the latter too had a soft corner towards him. But Lakshmi keeps a condition that their love would be fruitful only if Ashok accepts it.

Ashok goes to Akash?s house and personally inspects the conditions there and perform Lakshmi?s marriage with Akash. Ashok too gets married to Nandini at the same venue. Lakshmi turns mother of three children but Ashok has no kids. Once Akash gets cheated by his relatives and goes to jail. When Lakshmi tries to come out of problems with the help of Ashok, Nandini stands like a wall between the sister and brother. With no way to escape from the situation, Lakshmi kills her three children and commits suicide. Unable to get separated from his sister, Ashok too dies immediately.

Dr Rajasekhar did complete justice to his role as a brother. He showed excellent histrionics and his body language was best suited to the role. Meera Jasmine, who played the sister to the hero, also excelled in her character. She is quite chirpy and chivalrous while young, and as the mother of three children and a depressed sister in the climax she scores.

Arthi Agarwal looked bulky and is a big minus for the film. She is neither good in looks nor had a scope to perform. When it comes to the technical crew, music by SA Rajkumar was totally unimpressive. Dialogues by Gangotri Viswanath are partly good. Editing by Nandamuri Hari is okay.

The main drawback in the film is a weak and ancient storyline. At a time when all the others were going for love, action, and faction subjects, clinging on family subjects is a very bad choice, as the story can?t attract the young or mass audiences.

Verdict: Below Average

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