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Monday 10 May 2010

Movie Title



Rasu Madhavan

Star Cast

Vikranth, Harish, Ramakrishnan, Prakash, Raguvannan

Michael Rayappan the producer seems to have told his director Rasamadhuravan to make a part two to his super hit Samuthirakani directed Nadodigal! The new film set in Madurai milieu looks similar, and there hardly anything new in it.

Like all ?made in Madurai? films, it is another gory tale that traces the story of four youngsters who have gone astray due to parental neglect at an early age. The misguided youths takes to the mean streets and they tackle the same bad guys with ?Aruval? you see in such films. Madurai films seems to be losing steam as the subject and treatment is the same in film after film since Sasikumar?s pathbreaking Subramaniapuram happened in 2008.

Four misguided youths of Madurai- Alagar, Sangu Ganesan, Ilambu Murugan and ABC had torrid childhood due to parental neglect which derails their lives and they turn to drugs, booze and violence. These guys are mentored by Mayilsami and Singampuli, and hang around a local tea shop.

They bond well and will do anything for their friends without looking at the consequences which leads to more trouble. They are sucked into a vortex of violence as one of them accidentally becomes friendly with a rich girl, which leads to her ?honour killing? by her brother. Her two brothers and others start a war with the gang of four who are now on the run as they hire a mercenary Pandi (Vikranth) to kill them, which leads to a long drawn out bloodbath.

The director says in a voice over in the beginning of the film that the film has a message. It is parental neglect and is some cases indifference that causes youth to go astray and take the wrong path. Steamy loud sentiments are injected at regular intervals. Beyond a point the message gets tedious and repetitive.

All the youngsters in the film like Harish, Ramakrishna and Vikranth in a negative role are impressive. There is nothing much to write about the music of Sabesh Murali, though the film has two item numbers. The film gets bog down due to its length as it crawls to a predictable climax, as one of the villains is hacked to death and the other is buried alive!

Verdict- Run of the Mill Madurai Masala

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