GOT finale: Everyone gets their due, and the long con that had us all

Last Updated: Wed, May 22, 2019 09:34 hrs
Game of Thrones

How else could it have gone? Every other possibility would’ve only led to more bloodshed. The crown thrust upon Jon Snow would’ve had Daenerys’ faction crying foul. If Arya had been the one to kill the Mother of Dragons, we know the righteous Jon would’ve approved of her execution. The North would be up in arms. Sansa would be unable to stop the North from bleeding resources. It’s a vicious cycle. Tyrion’s solution - Bran the Broken as King and a lifetime sentence to Jon was the only sensible possibility of bringing peace to the region and ‘breaking the wheel.’ This, as he tactfully put to a seething Grey Worm, is what the Breaker of Chains wanted. So it is with a confused heart but a clear mind that we accept the resolution. And it’s precisely why even if it makes complete sense the finale is a bit of a damp squib.

We have so many, many questions! So Jon’s lineage didn’t matter at all? So the only point of its revelation was to hike up Danny’s insecurity? Also, what’s the point of the Night Watch anymore? Now, it’s just purely a place to shunt out bastards to live a life of no purpose?! What was the point of Arya dramatically riding out of the ashen Red Keep? All that about interning with the Faceless Men and to do nothing but just warn Jon that he poses a threat to Danny?! Why would Bran, the three-eyed Raven need a Master of Whispers? To double check?! Couldn’t the makers have worked on a protracted end for Danny? Phew! There’ll be more as we ponder over the end. We realise that most of the questions stem out of wishful thinking. Also, when has Game of Thrones given us what we expect.

But there were some pretty sweet moments. We could breathe easier knowing that Tyrion was spared. Grey Worm sets sail to the Isle of Naath where he and Missandei wanted to retire. Maybe he can see now and come to terms with it that with Danny at the helm, there never would’ve been “after the war” as the two hoped. Samwell Tarly gets his due at the table as Maester and with an audience that takes him seriously. Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, Lord of Lofty Titles comes through unscathed and acquiring all that he desired. We don’t grudge him that. He’s probably the most affable no-nonsense guy around. Brienne of Tarth filling in Jamie Lannister’s page in The Book of Brothers about his exploits and loyalty is a touching scene and one that we hope gave her closure. Sansa got what she wanted - an independent North and the title of Queen. Arya went her way sailing West of Westeros. Jon comes full circle but doesn’t end on the wall. In the guise of punishment, he’s set free with the Wildlings.

However, there were a few scenes that had us bust out the whistles and claps. Like that moment when Sansa told Edmure Tully “Uncle please sit.” That smug look slowly fading off his face deserves a gif of its own. Jon finally reuniting and petting Ghost helped soothe the affront from their earlier brusque goodbye. Drogon melting the Iron Throne to a metal pulp felt just and right and a great weight was lifted off us spectators. That bloody thing was a curse! But there was one scene that left us speechless - when Tyrion asks Bran the Broken “Will you lead the Seven Kingdoms to the best of your abilities from this day until your last day?” he promptly without a blink says, “Why do you think I came all this way?” Bran has played the longest game. He played us all.

Ruminating over the bitter-sweet ending we feel it couldn’t have gotten better. In fact, if we look deeper at our angst at the ways the denouement didn’t shape up, we’ll see we’re being as unreasonable as Daenerys was. There’s a bit of the tyrant in all of us. The news every day is proof. And so the only way to ‘break the wheel’ is to spear it through the spokes and bring it to a crushing, immediate halt. There’s no pretty way to do it. And that’s how Game of Thrones got itself a neatly wrapped finale.