'Guddu Rangeela' review: Rather colourless!

'Guddu Rangeela' review: Rather colourless!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 03 July 2015

Movie Title

'Guddu Rangeela' review: Rather colourless!


Subhash Kapoor

Star Cast

Arshad Warsi, Amit Sadh, Ronit Roy

The ruthless, stuck-in-the past hinterlands seem to be the flavour of the season. In thisHaryana village, honour killings are ordered by the khap panchayat (taking us back tothe recently released NH10), and people throw grand celebrations for getting a visa toKenya.

We meet our central characters at this very celebration. We see Rangeela (ArshadWarsi) applying kajal to his eyes, while the more flamboyant Guddu (Amit Sadh) isintroducing him on a stage as "Meerpur Ke Kumar Sanu". We then see the two performa song called 'Maata Ka Email' that crams all of social media lingo from Facebook,chatting, pic sharing etc within the song.

Later, they rob the very home they're performing in. We learn that they work forsomeone else. While Rangeela is ok with this arrangement – getting peanuts for takingall the risk- Guddu wants to be a 'real' gangster.

Opportunity presents itself when a middleman offers them the job of kidnapping a girland bringing her to Delhi. And then on we see a few unexpected twists that take thestory forward.

The idea, here, is to do a Western set in North India. So there's the rustic milieu whereeveryone keeps a gun, two good-hearted, small-time dacoits who get embroiled in atwisted plan, and characters bonding over hatred for a common villain.

This villain happens to be local MLA Billu Pehelwan (Ronit Roy), a much-feared personin the area, and someone who talks a father into murdering his own daughter becauseshe fell in love with a lower-caste boy.

The film takes several references from Sholay - from Guddu and Rangeela'scamaraderie, the attempt at personality differences, goofy humour, and so on. But thesereferences are not as smart as intended. Neither is the reference to director SubhashKapoor's former film, where one character actually tells the other - Phas Gaye ReObama.

Apart from the above-mentioned film, Subhash Kapoor has directed the fairly watchableJolly LLB. Here he takes charge of story, screenplay, dialogue, and direction, but churnsout a film without much conviction or depth.

The film is riddled with unsavoury dialogue like Guddu asking the kidnapped girl "degikya..." And repeated references to Kapoor's earlier film by characters calling each otherObama. The relentless and unsubtle background score makes you yearn for earplugs,especially in the first half.

Arshad Warsi is a fabulous actor, a pleasure to watch on screen. This role reminds usof his performances in the Ishqiya series, which are far more effective. Here, he's onslightly shaky ground. Amit Sadh is earnest, but this role requires truckloads of screenpresence and charm, as it's a more entertaining character among the two friends. AditiRao Hydari is pretty good as Baby, the kidnapped girl who's quite a bag of surprises.Ronit Roy is brilliant, even if he's back to playing the chauvinistic, ruthless villain.

The peripheral characters are far more interesting than the central ones. There's theover-smart middleman Bengali (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) who swears on his ownchildren whenever he is lying. A character playing Antakshari from the loo. And the copwho asks for a bribe so unabashedly, it's amusing.

The film might have seemed an interesting, ambitious, black-humoured take on crime inthe menacing hinterlands. But what we get is a watered-down version of the above. Ifyou must watch it, look out for the few interesting moments, within the largely insipid,colourless film.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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