Gulumaal - The Escape

Gulumaal - The Escape


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 05 December 2009

Movie Title

Gulumaal - The Escape


V K Prakash

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Kunchacko Boban

Director V.K.Prakash's comedy caper is almost like a roller coaster ride, giving you no time to think, until its end credits start rolling. Though with a tighter script, better music and lesser length the film could have been even more entertaining, Gulumaal has some surprises and nice moments which make it a watchable fare.

The whole story is a kind of a cat and mouse game involving the two protagonists, Ravi Varma (Kunchacko Boban) and Jerry (Jayasurya). Ravi is in need of a few lakhs to save his father from jail. He befriends Jerry, a hardcore conman, and the two start their journey involving shady activities from then on. Finally, they try selling the copy of a Raja Ravi Varma painting to a wealthy businessman named Emir (Devan) making him believe that it's an original piece and hoping to get some crores in the bargain.

Things take some surprising twists and turns in between, which makes the story interesting. A parallel track of comedy involving Suraj Venjarammood and Bijukkuttan as two stupid cops has been used pretty well. Evidently inspired from Fabian Bielinsky's Nine Queens or even from its Bollywood version Bluffmaster, the film has some nice moments, curious turnarounds and a style, which is perhaps new in Malayalam.

The honesty with which the director has presented the story is to be seen on screen. Y.V.Rajesh's script is a nice attempt, no doubt about that, but still gives the feeling that it could have been even better. The story goes along aimlessly after a while and the climax could have been truly spectacular, if it was told in a more intelligent way.

Among the two leads, it is Kunchacko Boban who has come up with a stronger performance while Jayasurya's style of talking is perhaps his weak point here. The heroine, Mithra Kurien, who plays Jayasurya's sister and Kunchacko's love interest, looks okay in her job. The rest of the cast have limited roles to play and they all have done it pretty well. The visuals by Fouzia Fathima are fairly good and Manu Ramesan's music is okay, at best.

The best thing about the film could be its unconventional narrative style. Take your kids along to the theatres and they will explain better why the film is quite a fun to watch!

Verdict: Entertaining

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