Gurkha review: An illogical laugh riot, watch it for Yogi Babu

Yogi Babu's Gurkha has a perfect premise for a comedy and does have few scenes that light you up.

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Critic's Rating: 2.75/5

Friday 12 July 2019

Movie Title

Gurkha review: An illogical laugh riot, watch it for Yogi Babu


Sam Anton

Star Cast

Yogi Babu, Charlie, Anandaraj, Naren

Yogi Babu's Gurkha is the spoofed version of Hollywood action thrillers like Die Hard with Indianized hilarious elements which is sure to work with the kids and family audiences. The only drawback is that the director has spent almost the entire first half to shift the focus to the main plot. But once all the core characters enter into the mall( where the actual story takes place), there is no looking back.

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Babu's (Yogi Babu) grandad is a Gurkha while his grandmother is a local North Madras lady. As a result, Babu still belongs to the Gurkha community but the world refuses to accept him as someone who safeguards the people, thanks to his dark skin and weird hairstyle. Rejected by the police force, Babu finally gets a job as the security guard in a shopping mall. Meanwhile, a terrorist group brings the entire mall under their control, they have VIPs and the families of top cops as hostages. But they are not aware of the fact that two security guards (Yogi Babu, his dog, and Charlie) are hiding inside the mall. Terrorists now demand that the Government should transfer a huge ransom to their account or else, they will kill their hostages one by one. Can Babu save the innocent lives with the help of his dog, an aged friend, and police force who instruct him through his old mobile phone?

As said earlier, the biggest problem of Gurkha is its first half. Director Sam Anton takes more time to establish his key characters and begins narrating the main plot only in the intermission. But thankfully, the film keeps you thoroughly engaged in the second half. Yogi Babu's funny one-liners and his uncanny dialogue delivery trolling each and everyone brings the roof down. Director Sam Anton has also included characters resembling the heavily criticized Tamil Nadu politician and a notorious Godman to bring in more laughter.

Though there are plenty of questions like how Yogi Babu roams in the mall without being noticed by the terrorists arises, we forget the logical flaws as the film provides several hilarious moments in the second half. It's good to see Charlie being well used these days. After Vellai Pookal, the actor once again got a meaty role. The conversation between Anandaraj and Yogi Babu is another enjoyable moment in the film.

Technically Krishnan Vasanth's camera is splendid, Raj Aryan's music is adequate and editor Ruben has done an amazing job in the second half.

Overall, if you don't care much about logic, Gurkha is sure to entertain you. Watch it for the hilarious second half and Yogi Babu who is in tremendous form.

Verdict: Watch it for the hilarious second half and Yogi Babu

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